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  1. Typing slowness has been an issue also for me for the last 6-12 months. I have not seen any improvement since it started. I have been using Evernote Premium since 2008. I keep Evernote always running on my 2012 iMac and 2013 MacBook Air (top models), with the latest software versions. I use Evernote primarily for writing daily logs and saving web clips. None of my notes are very large. At least once or twice per week, keyboard response suddenly slows down, starting with 1-2 seconds delay, and then gradually getting worse, until I quit and restart Evernote. I never experienced this behavior before some Evernote upgrade 6-12 months ago. I have got used to this workaround, but it is annoying when this happens during important meetings. Please continue investigating and fix the issue.
  2. It is "good" to see that I am not alone struggling with this new "feature"... Highlighting also happens frequently when applying Bold or Italic formatting. This really slows me down using Evernote as a note-taking tool. I have contacted support several times since I started to notice this behavior immediately after upgrading to the new 5.6.0 version on my iMac, and later to 5.6.1 and 5.6.2. I have not received any feedback from support acknowledging this as a known issue, just requests for more logs, though I have sent everything of relevance. Another big issue I have with 5.6 is that bullet list formatting has changed. There is no longer any extra white space before and after bullet lists. I have 7 years of daily log notes formatted for readability according to the previous formatting conventions. In 5.6 the notes look awful and are much harder to read. Fortunately the Web and iOS apps still render the notes correctly, so I hope the new 5.6 formatting is a bug that will be changed back at some point. I have concluded I have to downgrade to 5.5, which I am still using on my MacBook Air, and which is working fine for me. I appreciate the rewrite, and hope it has laid the foundation for a better tool some day. So far I have not found anything in 5.6 that I will miss when reverting to 5.5.
  3. +1 (x10) Indentation is the number one missing feature for me - and has been that for years. I really don't understand why it has taken, and still seems to take, so long to bring this simple feature to the Mac client. (There are still some quirks when copy/pasting bulleted lists for further editing on the Mac, which causes problems and delays my note-taking, but this behavior has improved a lot since the early days).
  4. I am using Evernote (Mac Client) extensively for note-taking, often pasting in text snippets from emails, chats and web pages. Unfortunately, I have to spend far too much time to get my notes consistent and readable. What I am missing most is some simple toolbar/keyboard support for easily changing paragraph indentation and spacing.
  5. Unique note id's with a drag/drop link creation feature would be very helpful! In particular for OmniFocus integration. This would also allow me to open specific notes from a keyboard command, as I requested in viewtopic.php?f=38&t=12264. I would also like a preference or option whether note links should open the note in a separate note window, shown in the main Evernote window, or web page.
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