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  1. Huge step backword with all white IOS version of Evernote. Dark theme lost! All white may look good in design meeting but on a day to day basic it is a huge eye strain. Even Microsoft has a dark theme for Office now. Get with it Evernote.
  2. Evernote as of late struggles to simply turn out a stable version of the Windows client. Every time they update new features, like tables, some other basic function of text editing breaks. It seems to me that the unicorn has died and we are dealing with the ashes. Innovation has left the building. Evernote is struggling to get basic features like tables and text editing working. While other products support Markdown, dark themes, code block formatting, etc. Evernote struggles to deliver the basics. New products like Paper, Keep, Notion and Index are innovating and catching up. The moment there is feature parity with another solution I'm moving. Even Microsoft has a dark theme for Office now.
  3. Code blocks are disappearing in this release. I create a new note and add a code block and everything looks OK. Open another note and when I come back to the original the code block is gone. Seems to only change/break notes that I open. Reverted back to 6.7 and the issue is not present. Untouched/viewed notes seem to be fine.
  4. Dark theme please! (Really, how hard is it?)
  5. The issue is: When you cut and paste and image from Evernote you get the path to the file not the image itself. So, if you paste it into Outlook, for example, it attaches the file rather than inserting it into the email. I've fought with this issue for a while. So, I decided to do something about it and create a little app to make this work how I want it to work. It isn't perfect, but it speeds up my day. It still requires you to right click on the image then select "open with" and then click this application, but at least you don’t have to open up MS Paint, select all then copy and close the application… Here is the code for those of you will access to a vb.net compiler. ----------- Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim imagePath As String Dim arrayStrings(10) As String Dim returnList As System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection = Nothing Dim image1 As System.Drawing.Bitmap For Each argument As String In My.Application.CommandLineArgs ‘ Add code here to use the argument. imagePath = argument Next Try returnList = Clipboard.GetFileDropList() image1 = CType(System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(imagePath, True), System.Drawing.Bitmap) Clipboard.SetImage(image1) Catch ex As Exception End Try End Sub End Module --------------------- You can find the compiled app on my blog. Blog
  6. So, can we get this feature working again? It has been months! Very frustrating.
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