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  1. This is 'me' after a decade.... Most of my work is via desktop vs iPhone. There's aways a way to 'recover' a problem, like retrieve from trash or history. But there are times when I'm writing code (I'm an iOS Developer), etc. and I may have deleted a line or whatever; or even remove a legal PDF (***** happens). There are times that I'm not aware of such an incident till sometime in the future; then it's 'recovery time'. Having a READ ONLY option prevents '*****' from happening in the first place. BTW: Evernote forbids me to write '*****' in my response. I wonder if I can write '*****' in my own, personal documents. 🤔 P.S. I must admit, Evernote is getting better.
  2. After about a decade, might as well move this forum into the trash bin; same outcome.
  3. I don't know what the Big Deal is.... merely have a Read-Only (default) toggle in the corner somewhere. This would be in parallel with the history. There may be times when adjustments need to be met, so click on the 'Read Only' toggle to 'Edit Mode' and make your adjustments, then toggle back to 'Read Only'. The history is still valid; but it shouldn't be the only fallback of an accident.
  4. Look. All I want is merely a toggle to lock the note. It doesn't take a few thousands of $$ to develop. I've been a professional software developer for about...38 years. I'm not talking about an over-engineered history paradigm. Most of my notes are static legal text that should by altered; hence no history of changes. Just lock the damn doc. I'm a PREMIUM subscriber.
  5. .... all the more reason to push for the ability to lock a page. You would think that a major documentation repository would have this feature embedded in their design.
  6. I really don't understand why Evernote has yet to address this problem. I've raised this concern within this forum and on their Facebook page. What does it take to get their butt movng?
  7. I haven't receive any info/news about this propose feature.😕
  8. I shall contact Management. I suggest others do as well.... put some pressure on them. What's the purpose of having a forum if the Management is unaware of the demand?
  9. Best if you contact Evernote engineers directly; if not their salesmen. I tried to get their attention via their Facebook page to no avail. Ric.
  10. I had also raise this issue on one of Evernote's Facebook forums. I don't have the time to do Evernote's job.... .... there is a DEMAND for this feature. Perhaps I'll have to vote down my critique of Evernote due to this missing featue. 🤔
  11. I've been a fully paid user for the past half decade or so. The Evernote™ team hasn't given me (us) a followup on our request to have a convenient toggle to lock the document versus the the half-ass way recovering from history or via a 3rd-party hack. I think it's a dereliction of duty. Hence I've subscribed to the Facebook community and shall bring this concern out in the open. Ric.
  12. I assume some Evernote™ engineer is monitoring this discussion so I believe EverNote is aware. That's why we have the Evernote™ forum. Well obviously.... no movement in a half decade; which is NOT acceptable. My guess the only way is to complain on either feedback or contact a human within EverNote and complain. I think I'll do it... being that this forum hasn't produced anything that I value. ... Evernote has a few Facebook accounts (I've checked). I think I'll ***** in PUBLIC.
  13. I'm not looking for 3rd-party solutions to 'read-only' status. This should be a basic property of ANY Evernote doc. Think about the plethora of legal documentation, etc. that users import into their EverNote apps. Most of these notes are to used as reference, without desire to accidentally alter or remove them. Having to rely of restoration and/or 3rd-party means is an unnecessary hassle. All that is needed is a write on/off (default) toggle somewhere in the menubar.
  14. ... interesting. Why hasn't Evernote given us access to a toggle?
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