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  1. ... interesting. Why hasn't Evernote given us access to a toggle?
  2. True enough. But why isn't merely locking a single note a basic function across whatever plans the patron has? It's merely neutering the ability to delete or modify via a toggle. We could have BOTH history AND permanency. ☝️
  3. I know. I've been on this for YEARS. Many of us use Evernote™ for assorted legal documents that must be read-only I'm sure the Evernote people are aware of this concern; don't know why it is not remedied. I only mentioned this feature since other solutions don't appear to help.
  4. Fortunately, paid users have the history option so it's possible to revert any inadvertent changes; via the three dots (...) menu in the upper right corner.
  5. I've been pursuing this for a half decade. No response from Evernote. 😫
  6. This has been an issue for YEARS. Evernote appears to believe that only Premium subscribers have access to history; which is different from having a mutable/immutable toggle switch installed. I don't see the difficulty (from a software-developer's perspective) to have such a simple locking feature. They are actually two features for Evernote. The doc-locking should be standard for ALL users; the history could remain a PREMIUM feature... less useful for the general user. I don't know how to get Evernote's attention to address this.
  7. If you're a paid subscriber, such as I, then you should have access to your HISTORY. It's located in the top-right corner with the three (3) dots: ... Choose 'History' and go from there.
  8. I'll move back to the end of the line here with a chant: "Lock it Up".☝️
  9. I really don't understand why Evernote™ isn't looking into this. There's an obvious demand for it.
  10. It's about time we heard from Evernote™ about having some sort of locking or equivalent paradigm.
  11. I've been a Premium user for years. I have several THOUSANDS of notes from software development to legal papers. I hadn't notice the 'i'nfo button before. There's probably a dozen features that I'm not aware of. Thanks for the 'i'nfo.
  12. This has been a popular concern for nearly a half-decade. Yet, there is apparently no movement from Evernote™ that I'm aware of.
  13. This concern has been discussed for nearly TWO years. What's the intent/status from Evernote™?
  14. Is Evernote going to get us the option to make a particular doc READ ONLY? The PDF option is not available for an iPhone. All Evernote needs to do is to block or filter user-events/page. Simple.
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