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  1. I'm not looking for 3rd-party solutions to 'read-only' status. This should be a basic property of ANY Evernote doc. Think about the plethora of legal documentation, etc. that users import into their EverNote apps. Most of these notes are to used as reference, without desire to accidentally alter or remove them. Having to rely of restoration and/or 3rd-party means is an unnecessary hassle. All that is needed is a write on/off (default) toggle somewhere in the menubar.
  2. ... interesting. Why hasn't Evernote given us access to a toggle?
  3. True enough. But why isn't merely locking a single note a basic function across whatever plans the patron has? It's merely neutering the ability to delete or modify via a toggle. We could have BOTH history AND permanency. ☝️
  4. I know. I've been on this for YEARS. Many of us use Evernote™ for assorted legal documents that must be read-only I'm sure the Evernote people are aware of this concern; don't know why it is not remedied. I only mentioned this feature since other solutions don't appear to help.
  5. Fortunately, paid users have the history option so it's possible to revert any inadvertent changes; via the three dots (...) menu in the upper right corner.
  6. I've been pursuing this for a half decade. No response from Evernote. 😫
  7. This has been an issue for YEARS. Evernote appears to believe that only Premium subscribers have access to history; which is different from having a mutable/immutable toggle switch installed. I don't see the difficulty (from a software-developer's perspective) to have such a simple locking feature. They are actually two features for Evernote. The doc-locking should be standard for ALL users; the history could remain a PREMIUM feature... less useful for the general user. I don't know how to get Evernote's attention to address this.
  8. If you're a paid subscriber, such as I, then you should have access to your HISTORY. It's located in the top-right corner with the three (3) dots: ... Choose 'History' and go from there.
  9. I'll move back to the end of the line here with a chant: "Lock it Up".☝️
  10. I really don't understand why Evernote™ isn't looking into this. There's an obvious demand for it.
  11. It's about time we heard from Evernote™ about having some sort of locking or equivalent paradigm.
  12. I've been a Premium user for years. I have several THOUSANDS of notes from software development to legal papers. I hadn't notice the 'i'nfo button before. There's probably a dozen features that I'm not aware of. Thanks for the 'i'nfo.
  13. This has been a popular concern for nearly a half-decade. Yet, there is apparently no movement from Evernote™ that I'm aware of.
  14. This concern has been discussed for nearly TWO years. What's the intent/status from Evernote™?
  15. Is Evernote going to get us the option to make a particular doc READ ONLY? The PDF option is not available for an iPhone. All Evernote needs to do is to block or filter user-events/page. Simple.
  16. Mac. ...also, why must one be a 'member' to join in the conversation? ... more bureaucratic/security hassle.
  17. The current (Mac) Evernote Help-menu options are limited. There should be at least <some> forum link(s) added to this list versus having to google it via web.
  18. My EverNote data cache is getting to be large. Hence the spinning-arrow cursor does its thing until all is synced. What's missing is the option to have a percent (%) feature (akin to MacBookPro's battery indicator with the option of % available).
  19. Ahhh. Okay. That's a different issue. I'm seeking a different paradigm: to incorporate a reference note within a single Evernote document, (e.g., a 'sticky'). So I'll leave my concern as an idea for an Evernote enhancement. ... and work with what we currently have per your suggestion. Thanks.
  20. I'm not quite sure how to display a 'list' view. I see the square check box icon to be used per line. It merely toggles a check mark. My scenario: I have a long JSON response sample that I want to occasionally review. But most of the time I don't need to stare at it. It's wasteful to create separate page for it and merely link that Evernote page to my main Evernote page. I've used the attachments route with PDFs. I'll see if I can clean-up the text and generate a PDF to access. -- try that route. But ultimately, I like the idea of having a 'Stickies' icon (could be colored) within the Evernote that I can click and expand/contract. - That would be really nice! - Thanks for the quick response.... I appreciate it.
  21. Scenario: I have a long text file that I don't need to expose in a long Evernote page. Requested Solution: I would like to have a pull-down icon/field to merely reveal the first line or title of data. Examples: Apple's Stickies can be toggled from a single line to full display. Being able to incorporate a 'sticky' in an Evernote page would be fantastic. Aquamind's NoteTaker has the ability to expand an entity from one line to full height.
  22. I just noticed it too. I thought I had to cut/paste to TextExit and perform it there & copy back to Evernote. 'shift+enter' doesn't do anything now; why change if it ain't broke?? Perhaps you can use the OS keyboard assignment to override. I dunno. Thanks for bringing it up. ... I would have to resort to TextExit otherwise.
  23. I have an Evernote 'Table of Contents' where each entry is a Node Link to another Evernote page. Some of these 'Table of Contents' items have ancillary text in addition to one or two contextual links to other Evernote pages. This is getting MESSY. I would like to have the ability to add collapsible 'Table of Contents' entries to subdivided items and links. The attached list.tiff shows what I would like to see available within Evernote. list.tiff
  24. Evernote for Mac 6.0 via App Store: Lost many of may tags?? I Installed the App Store version and I thought it ported only about 60% of my tags from my existing EverNote. Now I'm at a loss.... wait a minute... I clicked on the Sync.... now syncing. I see my old tags coming back. Okay... FALSE ALARM. Heart Rate returning to normal.
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