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  1. I'm using Evernote on a Mac and the exception seems to be pdfs in general. When I open a pdf attachment with PDFpenPro, changes are not saved to the version of the file which is attached to the note; in fact, PDFpenPro prompts me for a new download location. Fortunately, Word and Excel attachments still behave as they did before: changes are saved back to the version of the file which is attached to the note. This is a real problem for me as pdf is the predominant format I use for attachments and I long ago began using Evernote as a replacement for the method of storing files provide
  2. Thank you, gazumped, for the bookmarking tip. I have yet to put my checkbook (Moneydance) and genealogy (Heredis) files in Evernote because I wanted a way to back them up to cloud drives, independent of Evernote. More than once, I've found myself wondering where the devil I've stored them and, since I'm the kind of guy who often has multiple copies of files, it can become difficult to find the "real McCoy." Your tip should solve that problem.
  3. I've used Evernote for years to archive documents, but only recently discovered that it could be a viable place for storing nearly all of my working files as well. What brought me to this realization was learning that a document attached to a note in EN can be edited, for example, in Microsoft Word, and the changes will be saved to the version attached to the note. I had always (mistakenly) thought that changes to a note's attached document would need to be saved to an OSX or Windows folder and, then, dragged back to EN. I am now using EN as a replacement for storing virtually all of
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