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  1. It doesn't appear to be a problem of phone capacity or CPU usage. That would slow other apps down too but they are all super fast. I downgraded to the legacy app using a link posted on another thread and the old app worked just fine, though of course without the new bells and whistles of the latest version. It really isn't an ideal "solution" though.
  2. I wish someone from Evernote would pop in here to reply to this. It seems to be a huge issue for many, many users. The lag on my Android phone is so problematic that I'm seriously considering jumping ship unless there's a way to sort this out soon. Just opening a note is so painfully slow compared to the competition. And Evernote's web clipping functions - which ought to outshine the competition - have become unusable because it is too painfully slow to bring up options (notebook selection, tagging, etc). Sometimes it feels as though I'm way back in the dark ages of slow dial-up Internet connections. I have a fast connection and capacious phone capacity, so the problem is not on my end. Anyone had any luck finding a way to speed Evernote up on Android?
  3. This DIDN'T work for me - but I think it should work if the problem originated in the legacy app and not elsewhere. As mentioned above, a corrupt note appears to have caused the legacy app to stop syncing. Multiple attempts to delete the note failed - in all apps on all devices and in Evernote web. I had in fact created the note in the NEW app, which has caused me endless problems because its constant sync doesn't play well with an intermittent internet connection. One of the failed syncs resulted in a note I was working on returning to its blank, untitled state but I couldn't edit or delete it. After a lengthy process of uninstalling and reinstalling apps, this is what proved to be the solution - for me at least - to get rid of the faulty note and get the legacy app syncing again: 1. I closed the web browser so that the latest update would be in the app where the corrupt note was created in the first place. 2. I disconnected from wifi/internet 3. Being offline allowed me - finally - to send the note to the trash, from where I was able to delete it completely. 4. I turned the internet connection back on to allow the app to sync (V10, not legacy, as that was where the corrupt note was created). 5. I returned to the legacy app and it is now syncing again.
  4. I only found out because I had such a serious problem I had to submit a support ticket and their automated reply mentioned the new release. Otherwise I'd have been completely in the dark. Weirdly, having installed 10.2.4 it morphed back to 10.1.7 again. No idea why. I had to reinstall 10.2.4 to deal with another problem but I'm afraid it's back to legacy for me, for now. Going to give it a month or two before trying the new app again.
  5. Although the cause was different, the problem was the same - an inconclusive note. Mine, because the new always-on instant sync failed when the internet dropped as I was writing. Well, killing the V10 client and purging everything (I did the same - utter demolition job) didn't cure the problem for me... and I decided to try something that looks like it might have. Having purged and reinstalled - and triple checked I couldn't delete the note there or anywhere else - it occured to me to: 1. Close the web app (just in case) 2. With the reinstalled V10 client open, TURN OFF my wifi. 3. V10 at this point warns that you're offline. I deleted the note and this time was able to find it in the trash. And I was able to delete it again, permanently. Yay!!! 4. I turned the wifi/internet back on, to sync. Thank *** my internet didn't drop out again while that happend. 5. The note doesn't appear to have returned and... best of all... 6. My legacy app as FINALLY resumed syncing. So the corrupt note, caused by the stupid V10 constant syncing - which sooner or later is bound to fail anywhere that doesn't have a 100%-of-the-time stable internet connection - WAS the problem that caused the legacy version sync to fail too. Thanks for all your help, PinkElephant. 👏
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work. I'm pretty sure the problem occurred with the new Windows app. I uninstalled it (using Revo to make sure all traces were removed) and reinstalled it but when I try to delete the note there, it just reappears, exactly as it does in the web version. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the legacy app but it just won't sync right up to date, so I can't see the note there anyway. I suspect that it is that very note that is causing the sync problem. I also tried deleting the note in the Android app. There I am actually able to get the note to go to the Trash but I can't empty the trash: I get an error message saying the note has already been restored in another app. I had already submitted a support ticket, to which I've added further details, but the automatic reply says they won't be able to reply for 10-12 days!!!!
  7. This is me. So I rely on being able to work offline. Unfortunately, I have NOT been able to recover all my notes in the reinstalled legacy version after all (it was working fine until I wrote my earlier post but then stopped syncing and following advice on another thread I uninstalled and reinstalled it). I note that more and more posts are appearing about the legacy version not syncing, so I that "solution" is already useless for some of us. After managing to download 97% of my notes, syncing has once again stalled and I have no access to about 250 recent notes (nor shortcuts - I don't think the shortcut list gets repopulated until all the notes have downloaded). I am reduced to working only when I have a connection on the web, via my browser. I have an idea that the sync problem with the legacy app might be because of a note created in the new app becoming corrupted (product of the sync process failing in the midst of writing a note). I've written elsewhere about that so I won't go into details here. I see that a lot of beta testers are saying that they had been reporting many of the problems before the release so I am stunned that Evernote has brought it out before solving them. It looks as though I'm not going to get help from support soon either - the automatic reply has started saying that it will take 10-12 days to respond!!!! I do wonder how Evernote is going to survive after such a disastrous release.
  8. Since the upgrade to version 10 (Windows App) I have had problems with notes not being able to sync and disappearing (or the latest edits disappearing) when my internet connection drops, which it does frequently. I reverted to the legacy version, which worked fine for a while, but started having problems syncing there too. It now won't sync at all. I am now reduced to using only the web interface, which is not ideal, especially as my internet connection drops quite often. I suspect the problems started with one of the crashed notes created earlier today. In the course of a sync failure, a note reverted to its initial state as a blank, untitled note in my default notebook (I lost all the content I had written and the tags, and I had moved the note to another notebook). I can't see it in my Windows app (not syncing) but I can on the web. However, I can't edit it and when I try to delete it, it keeps reappearing in my default notebook. I suspect that this is a corrupted note, a product of the aforementioned sync problems. And now it is stalling the sync process with my Windows app. Does anyone know how to get rid of corrupt notes like this? Does it sound likely that it is causing my sync problems? What do I do?
  9. I have had the same problem for hours. Evernote has clearly really messed things up with the premature launch of its new infrastructure and new Windows app. What's really worrying is that it doesn't seem to be learning from past mistakes (launching products with too many bugs). I had horrible problems with the new Evernote app for Windows so I reinstalled the Legacy version. Now even that is not working properly. In fact, I have the horrible suspicion that the sync problem may have been caused by the new app, which was failing regularly to sync properly and I was losing a lot of recent edits and additions (plus a whole host of other problems I won't go into here). From the exchange above, it occured to me that the failed sync process may have produced a corrputed note. I have tried to locate and delete corrupt notes, although there is one that I keep deleting and it reappears (in the new app - Legacy just stopped syncing). Unable to use even the legacy app (now uninstalled to see if a reinstall works), Evernote has finally reduced to me to tears. The first time an IT problem (and I've had a lot) has upset me so much in at least a decade. Evernote has been a major productivity tool for me - its useful features have just about offset increases in subscription prices and the reduction of paid-for functions for me over recent years - but I think it's time to plan the migration to a more functional set up.
  10. Thanks Sayre. I am pretty certain that this is a problem specific to the Windows version. On further investigation, the problem appear to arise in very specific circumstances: when my internet connection intermittently drops but not the wifi connection. To confuse matters, the Windows taskbar icon doesn't always switch crom "connected" to "no internet" but a quick speed test reveals there's in fact no connection. Evernote knows there's no connection, though, because I get the grey bar at the top telling me I'm offline. Annoyingly, it doesn't always disappear when I am in fact online again (the "reload message" appears shortly thereafter). When the wifi connection is off completely, Evernote appears to workfine offline just fine. I have two workarounds (for anyone else with a similar problem): 1. Disconnecting from wifi manually when the internet connection drops, so I can continue working and reconnect later to sync my notes. It's not ideal but at least it saves me repeatedly losing text I've just typed. 2. Downloading the legacy version of Evernote, which is works fine. However, this isn't a long-term solution. Evernote support today reports that several problems with the new update have been addressed with a further update as of yesterday (10.2) and recommends I try that. We'll see how it goes.
  11. Thanks Dave. I wonder how other people are managing to use it offline, then... I hope some kind soul will appear here and explain. A further peculiarity of the problems generated by my frequently dropping internet is that Evernote takes an inordinately long time to recognise when I come back online. Usually it doesn't drop for long and while other apps are accessing the internet normally and syncing away happily, Evernote continues declaring me offline. Closing and reopening the app doesn't help. After about 20 minutes (as long as the connection didn't drop again in the meantime), the message eventually disappears and Evernote starts working again. For now I have re-installed the legacy version, which is working fine as usual. This can't be a long-term solution, though. Given the lack of settings/preference options, and the release notes announcing some other functions are coming back soon, quite frankly I think that this release is premature,
  12. Like millions of people on this planet, I live in an area where my internet connection is patchy and frequently drops for a short while. This used to not to be a problem with the old version of Evernote. I could continue working while the internet was down.There'd be a helpful little red exclamation mark over the sync icon to warn me and if I did inadvertently move to another device to continue working on a note, conflicting changes would be saved. Now I can't edit exisiting notes at all! I get an error message saying the note failed to update and to reload it. This wipes out any recent edits, making it impossible to carry on working while I'm offline. I also can't open a new note while offline. I decided to try changing the sync settings to see if I could switch off or reduce the sync frequency to allow me to work offline (not that I wanted to - I want Evernote to sync regularly whenever I have an internet connection). However, it appears that in the new version the settings menu has disappeared entirely! There's an item called "Preferences" (under "Tools") but all it does is allow you to toggle "Save Data at Log Out". If these utterly unhelpful changes with the latest version of Evernote aren't fixed very soon I will, very regrettfully, have to cancel my subscription and migrate to another app.
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