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  1. Wow, 300 characters seems like an incredibly small (and arbitrary) number. My use case for the scratch pad is to use it as a location to capture ideas throughout the day, notes to self, etc. Then, at the end of the day, I would convert some or all of it into different notes. The limit of 300 characters is WAY too small for my use. I hope they extend that limit to, well, limitless in the future. Just like any other note...
  2. I really like the idea of the scratch pad on the Home screen. But there's a fundamental problem with it. I can literally write only 7-8 lines on it before it tells me that "Scratch Pad Full - Convert to Note". This is a terrible limitation. I want the ability to write down all kinds of things into the scratch pad as, well, a proper scratch pad. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything I can do to increase the capacity of the scratch pad? Evernote, are you listening? Can you fix this, please? (I'm on a Mac)
  3. Seriously? That's ridiculous. Why roll out updates to only some of the users? Do they have a bandwidth problem with handling too many updates at once? Once again, I question the intelligence of the Evernote upper management team.
  4. I know, right?! With all the missing features and bugs, I check the Help>Check For Updates button every day. Yesterday, they released V10.2.4.
  5. One of (many) of my gripes with the new version V10 of the Mac app was the loss of the classic note links. These are links you click on when outside of the app that bring you back into the app and open the relevant note. This is a critical part of my workflow, as I often embed Evernote links into things like my Todoist actions. Well, in V10.2.4 that came out last night, it appears that these "classic" links are back. On the mac, you right-click on a note in the list view, select Copy Internal Link and then select Copy App Link (i.e., not the Web Link). Voila! Thank God they brought t
  6. I'm not so sure about your last statement. I, like many others, am very disappointed with this latest version. I have installed the Legacy version, which seems to be a workable solution for now. That said, I did also sign up for a free trial of Notion. All I can say is, "wow." It's very, very good. Is it perfect, no, of course not, but it seems to have many of the features that Evernote took away in V10. It also has a lot of other really interesting features that Evernote never had. I'm definitely going to be using Notion in parallel with Evernote for the next month or so and then reevaluate m
  7. I really prefer this view, too, as it allows you to see the full note title, sort notes easier by different criteria, and generally gives a wider note to work with. I asked Evernote help and they told me this view has been removed from the features of V10. They said it *might* be added back in later, but no promises or timeline on when it might. Argh! Yet another feature removed that I've come to rely on!
  8. I would suggest adding Evernote as a column to this table, as that is what we're actually comparing all the others to. Right? As a side note, I'm hugely disappointed in the V10 of Evernote, but recently paid for my annual subscription. I'm going to be watching all these comparison threads closely and if Evernote doesn't come up to at least the same level of features, reliability, speed, etc as the other higher-ranked options within a few months, I probably will jump ship, too. This breaks my heart, as I was once an Evernote evangelist to friends, family members, and co-workers. Now
  9. I'm not talking about the internal note links. I'm talking about the "classic notes link" that one could access via the CMD key when right clicking on a note (I'm also on a Mac). This was/is a link that you could use outside of the app that brought you back into the actual app and opened note. (And no, I'm not talking about the Shareable web link, either). And we're going to have to agree to disagree. When I pay $X for a feature set (which I just renewed prior to this release) and then the new release removes 6-10 key features I have come to rely on, I *do* believe Evernote owes us a part
  10. I'll echo the loss of CMD shortcuts, terrible user interface, etc. For me, however, the loss of Classic Note Links is a show-stopper. This has to be replaced asap or they'll lose me to something like Notion as its an integral part of my workflows. I've been a paid user for the past seven years. I **PATIENTLY** waited for them over the past year as they worked through this major update. I could not have been more disappointed. I believe Evernote owes all of us paid subscribers a rebate or reduced subscription. They've literally removed dozens of features with no correspondi
  11. I'll look into the double-click method, but I have to disagree that all the other data has to be added anyway. I shouldn't have to add the same tags to templated notes, nor should I have to add the same attachments. The title thing is just annoying; yes, I have to edit an existing title, but having the title templated itself ensures all titles follow the exact same format.
  12. Yes, this is what I'm going to continue doing, too, unless/until Evernote adds Title, Tags, and Attachments. Templates are a great idea, but lacking these vital features, they're not useful to me in their current condition.
  13. I've been an Evernote power user for years, and recently decided to try the new Templates feature. I was excited at first, but then discovered three key issue that are going to revert me back to using a "Templates" notebook and simply duplicating notes to use as templates. These three things are as follows (And yes, I'm sure all three of these things have been discussed already, but they still bear repeating): No Title. This one seems like a no-brainer. I like to have a sample title included that I can simply update/tweak (i.e., so it ensures it follows the same format as previous n
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