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  1. I mean directly browsing the interface, without the search syntax. As the following option with selected notebooks:
  2. As the title states, stacks don't allow to search notes inside themselves. While it's possible to search notes inside a specific notebook in the new iOS app, it's not possible with the stacks.
  3. Tags are not allowed to be edited when they are searched from the search menu. Please, in future updates add the option to edit the tags from the search menu. Otherwise, to edit a specific tag you have to search for it manually in the tag tree.
  4. Notes are not sorted inside the stacks: _______________ By contrast, notes are correctly sorted inside the notebooks: _______________ Please, fix this bug in future updates.
  5. Now, the reminder notifications in my iphone app haven't a useful behavior. The red badges outside the app and the blue dots inside the app should be activated from the reminder date and hour and not deactivated until the reminder is marked as done or postponed. This is how it worked before. But now, those badges are active the full 24h during the reminder date day, not from the exact reminder time, and they are automatically deactivated from the moment the reminder date day ends and a new day begins (23h59->00h00). Please, change this reminder notifications behavior and return it to the previous one.
  6. I'm glad you solved it. It was a chaotic few days for me until I got the Legacy working. In my case, the corrupted note was created in my iOS app for iPhone. And I was able to delete it from my INBOX folder, changing the default folder and deleting the INBOX folder where the note was. After that, the note had disappeared from the v10 apps, but it appeared in the trash of the Legacy version. So a completely uninstall worked for me.
  7. I've solved it. Try to uninstall the Legacy software with a full removing of registers using Revo Uninstaller or CCleaner. Then install again the Legacy and it should sync without the corrupt note. It worked for me.
  8. I agree with all these points and I’d like to add the old version option of selecting multiple tags with the mouse on the sidebar using ‘ctrl + right click’.
  9. Exactly. With the multiple selection of tags with ctrl+mouse in the old version we could choose to search with an AND/OR operation. But in addition, selecting multiple tags from the sidebar also allowed us to apply an OR search operation directly through the hierarchical structure, as you said. Now we can only do an OR search using the syntax commands. I’ve created a request thread.
  10. I managed to remove the corrupted note from my INBOX folder. What I did was to change my default folder to another one, and delete the INBOX folder with the crash note inside. Now, there is no sign of this note in my v10 iOS app, my v10 Windows software and my Evernote web account. But this devil note is now in the trash folder of my Legacy Windows software. I'm almost sure that this corrupted note is the cause of my non-sync problem with my Legacy version. My GTD is a chaos without the old desktop version. I've spent many hours today trying to solve this to be able to use the Legacy, without success. I'm afraid it will never be solved.
  11. The reminders only allow to set the time in half-hour intervals. I think it's too long. In previous desktop version it was possible to fine-tune the settings down to seconds. In the current iOS app, it allows you to set the time in 1-minute intervals.
  12. Could this be the cause of the problem? The non-eliminable note was created yesterday, a few hours before the problem with synchronisation started. I've read that sometimes a note can cause sync problems. I've emptied the trash and sync is still not working, but that note in my inbox may be the problem. I hope.
  13. I’ve noticed a syntax search bug regarding the ANY command with tags. It doesn’t work if I want to search into a specific notebook. When I write ‘any:’ it affects to the notebook too, not only tags. For example, if I write in the search bar ‘notebook:folder1 any: tag:tag1 tag:tag2’ it shows all the notes archived in the notebook folder1. Those notes tagged with tag1, tag2 or other different tag. I consider this a bug in view of the EN syntax concepts that worked before and because it works properly in the Windows desktop software.
  14. Sorry. I've tried again and it works in the Windows desktop software. I have the problem only in the iOS app. My mistake. I'm going to delete my post and report the issue in the iOS forum.
  15. I miss the possibility of select multiple tags with the mouse using ‘ctrl + left click’ on the sidebar. This feature fits well with a hierarchical tag structure. My workflow has been destroyed without it and with the new filtering. Please, take back this option.
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