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  1. Hi Anastasia, If you put the notes, notebooks or saved searches in the shortcut area then you can jump to the first 9 shortcuts by pressing CMD + 1 to 9 on Mac and probably it will work on Windows by pressing CTRL + 1 to 9.
  2. I agree with the previous comments regarding the separation. I'd suggest that the separation and other changes for Evernote Business Accounts should be an option for the administrator in the Admin Console. In that way the businesses that want to use Evernote in the way the use it today can keep doing that and the new clients that demand the separation feature can use it the way they wan't to. Everybody's happy! I understand completely that you need to change things so that many more businesses feel comfortable with implementing Evernote Business but i think it's extremely important that you don't change it to much for the current users and our clients. Suggestion. Maybe it could be a good idea to have some form of group within the Evernote Certified Consultant community to discuss these and future ideas and changes because we are so close to our clients and know how they work and what they want and need.
  3. Maybe these links would be of interest? https://thepaperlessagent.com Templates: https://www.evernote.com/pub/garrygoodlife/templates#st=p&n=2b15ffc0-4487-4a9b-b22a-312d36c70988
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