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  1. @zdanevich It's just called "Notes," formerly "Reminders." It's hard to find info on it since the names are so generic, but here is the Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/reminders-app I don't know what pre-built packages are available, but you should be able to build it from source for the desktop, if nothing else.
  2. I'm running Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 7. The default notes application provided by Canonical DOES sync with Evernote.
  3. They are discontinuing the sharing site this winter: http://www.livescribe.com/blog/noteworthy2/2014/07/echo-desktop/ :-(
  4. This would be great, because really, I'm using Evernote as de facto email ... except that I have to jump back to my email program to reply to people.
  5. I have the Note II. If the S-Note app is the same in the Note III, then you'd need to export S-Notes to PDF or an image file to get them into Evernote. It claims to sync with Evernote, but all it does is store the notes as an attachment in its native format, which Evernote can't read. :-( S-Note doesn't export real text to PDF; it's an image file. So you could get your notes from there into Evernote and have them indexed, but you wouldn't be able to edit text in the PDF later. There are no direct ink notes into Evernote in the version that I have.
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