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  1. Thanks for responding! It's uplifting to learn that feature requests posted here are indeed read by the Evernote development team. As for your response I somewhat disagree as I never was a fan of security through obscurity. When sharing a note with a colleague or a friend the main idea is simplicity. While I might not want to share my work email with a neighbour with whom I collaborate on refurbishing the street, its no big deal and probably not a single deciding factor when it comes to buying or not buying Evernote premium. However, all these minor usability enhancements do tend to add up. And allowing to share with a user ID instead of a rigid email address could be one such thing. This would by the way also help when inviting new users as the risk of new users ending up with multiple accounts for multiple email addresses would be eliminated. Thus could be food for thought :-) I much welcome a good debate on the merits of feature requests, so your thoughts are much appreciated! Make it a fantastic day!
  2. Hi, With the increased collaboration features "recently" added to Evernote such as Shared Notebooks, it would be very useful if multiple email addresses could be linked to a single Evernote ID, and furthermore that shared notebooks could be shared based on Evernote userID alone as well as one of the associated email addresses. The reason is foremost for people using Evernote to share both private stuff with friends and family, and work stuff with colleagues. If I could either tell them just to share with my userID, or my colleagues simply could share with the email address they already have on file, it would simplify the process significantly, and also not mean "forced" sharing of ones personal email address to work colleagues for instance. Food for thought?
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