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  1. I want to align a picture to center of the page. But I cannot find any buttons related to alignment in my Evernote Android.
  2. Hey man is there any Evernote - likes application that can import notes from Evernote? I have been using Evernote for like three years or so, but I never get any clue when will Evernote get better editor environment either for native Linux or at least a decent web application. So I am thinking it is time for me to look for alternative, but I could not left thousands of my note in Evernote.
  3. Do we actually owns our notes or it is Evernote's? And sadly, I am a Linux user, there is no way for me to own my notes in local drive.
  4. I guess the title is self explanatory. I have subscription with Dropbox of which offer better flexibility for me if I can host my own notes in Dropbox instead of using Evernote's cloud service.
  5. Thanks for your answer. Although, I do not want to use another web service to accompany my Evernote experience, if there is no feasible way to do bullet points I will try to use Workflowly fro my future notes.
  6. Another bug. Pressing Tab does not change the indentation of the bullet nor change the bullet style.
  7. I just want to erase a bullet and this is what happened. It started to get so frustrating.
  8. A nice solution, thank you. However, what is actually happened with the feature? Last time I could easily align a .pdf file to the center, but then now it is not possible anymore
  9. This is what I have now. This is what I want. This is what happened if I try to align the object into the middle (the text is aligned but not the model).
  10. I did restart both Evernote and Windows. Still not working. I am using Windows 7 Home Edition.
  11. Both new and old notes. I just cannot change the bullet alignment anymore. Here are some screenshots. Here is an example of which I positioned my cursor in a sentence with bullet. You can see that the alignment button is greyed out. And here is my cursor in an empty line (no bullet). As you can see I can adjust alignment now (the alignment button is not greyed out).
  12. My Evernote client just updated. After finished, I cannot set alignment for every sentence that has bullet in front of it. The alignment button is just greyed out and shortcut does not working. Before update I can just easily adjust alignment of bullet by CTRL + E or just by pressing the button, now it does not working anymore. Any fix? EDIT: Apparently I also cannot put a pointer on images in my notes. Is there any possibility for me to revert back to previous version?
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