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  1. Thanks much for the discussion (from original question asker). What i learned is that apparently the "regular" search (if you just type into the search box) does not search the URL field. Too bad, i would have expected it to do so. Also apparently the "*" at the end is mandatory. Even though "theguardian.com" would match, within the string, anything from that URL base, it does not return results unless the "*" is at the end. Very cumbersome...but at least i know what to do to find what i want! Thanks much!
  2. I often clip web articles from theguardian.com. I tried the Evernote search function, using "theguardian", "theguardian.com" and also i copied an entire URL that existed as the source for a note and searched for that. All fail. How would i find all the notes from the URL source "theguardian.com"? Thank you.
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