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  1. Wow, sounds like lots of similar experiences out there. I keep jumping between browsers not because one attracts me with new features...because one seems to be ***** up so much I have to get off it. Was on Chrome before Firefox, and now after a year or so on Firefox...back to Chrome. Happy with the Chrome web clipper, so that is good. One note in case any forum moderators read this. This forum, if you are on a topic, but not logged in, and then when you log in, it does not take you back to the topic that was up when you pressed "login" but instead to the Welcome screen. Most other forums seem to take you back to the topic that was up when you logged in, which seems like the better approach to me! Thanks! Tom
  2. Thanks again. I think I might try Chrome. Do you know if the Clipper has the "clip article" functionality in Chrome? Firefox, I've done all the resets, restarts, removed plug-ins, and so on. The app is not crashing, but it keeps hanging where NO web site will load, while at the same time the same site will load in another browser. Just can't spend more time with it. But, thanks for the advice. If you know about the Chrome Web Clipper functionality, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that, as clipping the article is really much better. Nice to not have to keep the clutter forever. But, have to get of Firefox, it is crashing like every other minute and all the refreshes and restarts cannot seem to cure it. -Thanks!
  4. I have been using Firefox but am now switching to IE. In Firefox, when I hit the clipper icon, a dialog pops up, and it allows me to select "article" to clip rather than "page". In IE, I do not see an icon, but "Clip this page" comes up in the right click menu (and there is no item "clip this article"). If I select the "clip this page" item from the right click menu, indeed the page is correctly clipped to Evernote. But, I want the functionality of "clip the article" not the page. How can I do this in IE? Thanks!
  5. Its not in 'trash'. Had a note, had worked quite hard on it. It 'disappeared'. You can laugh if you want. I'm not sure how/why it happened. I was actually working on it on the Windows phone. Pressed sync there, then sync on the pc, and it didn't sync. Went back to the phone, could not find it. Anywhere to look besides 'trash'? Any extraordinary measures to take to recover? Thanks!
  6. Jefito - Thanks for the response. I don't think i will get information from the activity log, as whenever you re-launch Evernote, it appears to re-start a new activity log. I just re-launched Evernote (was hung, "Not Responding" so killed it in Task Manager). Upon restart, at the top of the log is the following. The time stamp corresponds to when i re-launched Evernote. So, it does not appear to give me information on what was happening at the time that Evernote actually crashed. Thanks! Tom ====the log (first few lines of 384 entries). Note that the "opened" time corresponds to when i re-started Evernote. No earlier information.======= Log opened on 2014/12/06 18:53:19 (UTC-8:00) 18:53:20 [16304] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 18:53:20 [16304] Client info: Evernote Windows/273753; Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1;18:53:20 [16304] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedLastUsed)18:53:22 [24740] Requesting bootstrap info from "www.evernote.com" (en-US)18:53:22 [24740] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/user18:53:27 [24740] Bootstrap info: request to "www.evernote.com" returned profiles: Evernote18:53:27 [24740] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedFresh)18:53:33 [16304] Loaded session count: 0, last session: (none)18:53:34 [22208] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/shard/s106/utility...
  7. I close my laptop cover, and have it set to "sleep". PC at Windows 7. I update Evernote when I get notices, so it is up to date. When I come back and open the PC cover and try to use Evernote, I usually find (maybe 80%+ of the time) that it is "not responding". NOTE this is not a case where I was using Evernote, and it appeared to crash. Its simply that I go back to the window, and the instant I click anywhere, its says "Not responding"...and it never comes back (have waited pretty long on more than one occasion). Only choice is to go to task manager, end task, and re-start. NOTE this behavior has persisted through several upgrades. So, of course this is inconvenient and a hassle. Want to know if anybody has any suggestions. Any suggestions?? NOTE no other application has this behavior, so it does not appear to be a "PC problem". Thanks, tom
  8. I have pretty much given up on doing some set of things to try to get the new clipper to work. I reverted to the old version, and its working fine. So, to others, i offer the advice to revert to the previous version of the clipper. It may work for you too as the easiest solution to this issue. To Evernote folks, I can only voice disappointment in your lack of testing this before releasing it. Generally i have found the quality of this product to be good, so this is a setback in terms of my opinion about the ability of this team to release reliable software. Come on, couldn't you get it to even "somewhat work"? This is not just an odd problem on a few scattered PCs; it is obvious that a large number of people are experiencing it. Here are instructions on how to revert to the previous version. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/e96b9e4c-839c-4e42-bee3-d33a1d925ac1/30b5590cc42a0cc1a86e0f530a2b5dda For me, i assume it will be years before i'd try to upgrade the clipper. I'll stick with the above one since it actually works, and i don't have time to hassle and be a tester for software teams. Hire your own testers! Tom
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I went to Settings...Extensions in Chrome. While other extensions indicated "enabled", Web Clipper had a link to "reload", so i clicked on it. (I assume that is confirmation of my initial guess that it had crashed). Now, the icon is back on the toolbar. It gives mouse feedback when i click it. But, nothing else. It does nothing. I re-checked "Settings" and it still indicated enabled. But, it appears to me to be completely dead. Nothing is captured. Can anything be done? Basically it appears that the functionality is completely dead. Thanks again! Tom
  10. I think the [new] clipper [in Chrome] has crashed. The symptom is that, the pane did appear after clicking on the icon, butit appeared to stop working, did not respond to any click, for instance clicking on "Save" did nothing; never was able to capture anything. So, i refreshed the page, and the pane for the web clipper went away. But, the icon for the web clipper is gone, too. It is gone on that tab, and on all tabs. And, i opened a new window, and it does not appear there, either. How do i bring it back? Do i have to completely close every Chrome window? Thanks! Tom
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