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  1. Hey Scott, thanks so much! This solved the issue. What a strange hidden feature! Best Wishes from Hamburg Lars
  2. Hi, couldn't find a solution for this on the net. My evernote is missing part of its functionality as of today. The search bar has disappeared and text editing box too. Tried minimizing & maximizing window, update to a new version, reinstalling the program. no luck! works as web version so its seems to be a mac application fault or I being completely blind- I have attached a sceenshot (brown box are just too hide information). I'm running Evernote on iMac 27" Retina OX Yosemite 10.01. Many thanks for any help with this issue.
  3. Thanks Christopher for your help. You are right, this will do for now Best Wishes
  4. Hi Grumpy Monkey, thanks for your reply. Very kind! To explain: I'm a photographer and plan to use evernote as database for inspirational pictures. For example i have folder with Henri Cartier-Bresson pictures from different source on the net. If i put them in evernote its much more visually appealing if each note has the title 'Henri Cartier-Bresson' instead of the respective filename. To rename them all in automator would mean i'll loose the original title of the file which might be problem if i try to locate the source of the picture at some point or export these pictures). Plus i would then have to manually delete all the '01,02,03' that automator would create. I found this in the forum: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24148-tip-some-applescripts-for-en-templates-multi-note-tagging-multi-note-title-editing-and-more/ Someone offering a script to "add to the title of multiple notes" which sounds like it could be for me? May i ask if you recommend or had any experience with scripts? Big thanks in advance. Best Wishes Lars
  5. Hello, i'm importing multiple folders with images (each folder containing ca. 20- 300 images) into Evernote on a mac. I want to give them all the same name in the title without having to manually go into every note and copy/paste the title. I can add tags to these photos as a batch but couldn't find something similar for the titles on the web/forum (apologies if this question/answer has been posted before). Batch editing the name of the files before import is not an option because i need to keep the original filename for export. I have only one folder (inbox) and use tagging for my hierachy so don't want to add tags for titles too. Is there solution for this (Evernote, script or third party app)? Big thanks in advance. Lars
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