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  1. I don’t like recommending out of Evernote but look at “Whitelines” (WL) dig down a bit, you can buy four magnets to mark the edges of the board and get great shots. https://www.officemax.co.nz/Office-Products/Whiteboards- I fact I got good results using WL as my notebook Noticeboards/Whiteboard-Accessories/Whitelines-Whiteboard-Image-Tags-Pack-of-4-2464772
  2. Thx for your interest. My problem is with Web Clipper delivering finds alongside a google search. FWIW the name 'web clipper' only suggests half of the functionality - the search your notes when you do a google search is really valuable. I will escalate to support
  3. I love the web clipper, in the last couple of days I notice that it returns only 'blank'. May I check are all notebooks handled equally (eg if someone shares a notebook with me does web clipper have access to the content?). MacOS Safari and EN app all up to date versions.
  4. Take a look at this worked ell for me, then import to EN
  5. What about open as a new note, make amendments and save again as a template ?
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