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  1. I don’t like recommending out of Evernote but look at “Whitelines” (WL) dig down a bit, you can buy four magnets to mark the edges of the board and get great shots. https://www.officemax.co.nz/Office-Products/Whiteboards- I fact I got good results using WL as my notebook Noticeboards/Whiteboard-Accessories/Whitelines-Whiteboard-Image-Tags-Pack-of-4-2464772
  2. Thx for your interest. My problem is with Web Clipper delivering finds alongside a google search. FWIW the name 'web clipper' only suggests half of the functionality - the search your notes when you do a google search is really valuable. I will escalate to support
  3. I love the web clipper, in the last couple of days I notice that it returns only 'blank'. May I check are all notebooks handled equally (eg if someone shares a notebook with me does web clipper have access to the content?). MacOS Safari and EN app all up to date versions.
  4. Take a look at this worked ell for me, then import to EN
  5. What about open as a new note, make amendments and save again as a template ?
  6. search does not display :-(
  7. This is what I do - it may reflect my 'unique' work flow .. but you may find it useful. Typically EN is a note I make based on a document Some times that document is an academic paper, sometimes it is a graphical representation of some data that I set up in (e.g.) 'Numbers' I insert a line under the body of my note. I use 'finder' to "get info" regarding the original document on my machine its easy to copy and paste ~/Documents/Work/Esoteric Academic Papers/Rare Thing.pdf ... six months later when I need to revisit the file; copy the path and use finder 'go to folder' and p
  8. Firstly I love the clipper concept. Then I love the implementation (web page, article, ... and the 'filing') which I was a little slow to explore. As I introduce colleagues to EN this is the feature that begins to turn them on. I also love the presentation of my notes when I search the internet for a subject. Again this is a massive jaw dropper as I introduce potential new users. Having said all this nice things ... could you make the links that appear in browser searches open the notes in the EN app (OSX for me, Windows of course).
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