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  1. I find a similar issue happens for me whenever I switch between apps while working on a note. Maybe that’s the pattern on your end too. I have to relaunch the app to begin editing the note again.
  2. Any time I try to add a due time to a task or reminder, the program crashes on my iPad.
  3. Thanks for the update! I love tables and have hopes they give more editing abilities on iOS with that next update.
  4. Issues with tables. Sometimes the cell lines show up, some times they don’t. The screen gets really jumpy when I try and edit a cell. anyone else having this issue??
  5. I’m talking about the classic in-app link. I’ve experienced this on mac.
  6. Internal links do not open in EN but take the user to EN web app. In the previous version, it opened the linked note in EN. Bug? anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Does anyone have more insight into this issue? It seems very odd that as a recipient of a shared note, I cannot at least move it into a specific notebook. This should certainly be changed if EN is serious about being a collaboration tool.
  8. I do a lot of scanning of documents from my phone. With the update, when I scan, if I don’t immediately move the document after EN captures the image, it keeps taking pics in succession and I end up with 5 copies of the same page. Bug?
  9. Just curious if anyone else is finding the latest app to be VERY slow? It takes about 30 second to load tags and then find them when I try and tag a note. There is a significant lag for almost any operation other than typing. Thoughts on whether this is related to iOS14 or the new EN update. Note: I was part of the beta test and it seems that this is much slower than the beta app.
  10. Anyone else have a very pixilated sketch tool? Is this something EN staff is working on?
  11. Dosborn126

    Slow App

    Anyone else experience the app being VERY slow recently? Takes well over a minute to open and then 30-45 seconds to open a note.
  12. Thanks! I’m looking forward to more editing options on mobile in the future.
  13. Dosborn126

    Editing Tables

    Trying to figure out how to edit tables once they are added. Any advice here or is this coming later?
  14. It takes me to a new page that says “your business account has been successfully added” or some iteration of that (I’m away from my computer right now). And then when I reload Safari, nothing has changed.
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