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  1. I managed to make it work again. These are the steps I followed (maybe not all of them are needed): I installed the 10.x Evernote version I tested if the internal links worked with the latest version. It certainly opens Evernote, but it doesn't show the target note 🤮 I searched for URL:evernote in the Windows Registry Editor. I changed the value of the key \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\evernote\shell\open\command to point to the Evernote legacy executable (instead of the Evernote 10 executable), in my case > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote Legacy\evernote.exe" "%1" I tested again. It didn't work. It still opened Evernote 10 I uninstalled Evernote 10 and restarted the computer. IT WORKED!!! I clicked on the link (with the internal URL for an Evernote note) and Evernote legacy opened and showed the target note.
  2. Hello, I have the latest version of Windows and the Evernote Windows legacy application (v If I click on an internal Evernote link (in Word) of the type: evernote://view/... For a second it opens Internet Explorer and the closes it, but it doesn't open Evernote Windows legacy showing the note. If I try to open this internal Evernote link in OneNote, I get this error message: I tried reinstalling Evernote Windows legacy, but it didn't work. Please help. This is a productivity killer.
  3. Thank you! I will try to use both versions in parallel
  4. Some months ago, a major change in the Evernote Windows client was introduced, I think based in Electron. I tried it, considered it a productivity setback, and re-installed the old Windows native version. Now I want to install the Electron version to check if it added the features that I consider key to my productivity. But I'm afraid that if I install the newer version, it will overwrite the legacy Windows version and will lose the possibility of going back. Is it possible to download from somewhere the Evernote Windows native version before they changed Evernote to the Electron framework?
  5. I didn't yet make the transition to the Electron version of Evernote. My main barrier to adopt the latest version is that while performing searches, labels are not filtered. For example, I search first for notes with the label "Restaurant" and I get a list of notes with the "Restaurant" tag assigned. Then, I want to refine the search with additional labels. I expect to get in the list of available tags to select only the tags that have common notes with the first selected tag ("Restaurant"). For example: "Japanese", "Mexican", "Indian", ... Instead, I can select all the other tags that are not used jointly with the first selected tag in the search. I this feature in the roadmap?
  6. Exactly, notes created on the phone with the Evernote app installed. Now, after I uninstalled the EN app, I create notes with Shortcuts and search for notes using everPost. Now I don't have problems any more with phantom notes.
  7. I also never lost a note as far as I can remember. My problem is like the opposite. Notes created in EN for iPhone are recreated after I deleted them in EN for Windows (Desktop). In fact some of them are always there unless I delete them also on EN for iPhone. Anyway I finally deleted the Evernote app from my iPhone. It was just not giving me any value at all. I'm using Shortcuts to create the EN notes. It works pretty well, but only if you are online.
  8. I finally gave up and changed the Surface to use the standard Windows 10 Home out of the S Mode. I don't expect the Evernote team to waste their time in basic functionality. They are busy on adding new and exciting features to Evernote that almost nobody wil use.
  9. I have had the new Surface Go for a few days and I still didn't manage to start Evernote. Somehow it starts but it stays in the background. There is a process EvernoteTray.exe but there is no window, no UI. There is also an icon in the task bar (right side). When I try to open Evernote from here a message window opens with this message: "Evernote is not ready to accept clips. Please open the main application and try again." I have installed Evernote from the Microsoft Store which is what Microsoft recommends to save battery life and security. I have not tried with the standard Evernote version for Windows.
  10. Thank you Stacy!!! Evernote should hire you as support engineer.
  11. What do I have to do to save the Evernote login information in MS Edge so that I don't need to put user/pwd every time I want to use it? It seems to log off after some minutes.
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