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  1. I've downgraded also, but trust is gone. Will start migration process as soon as a suitable alternative is found. Will take a look at Notion, thank you.
  2. Absolutely awful. No longer a useful product. What are advanced users of Evernote switching to? Can be a local piece of software (since a user can chose a cloud service for backup).
  3. Interesting. Seemingly not as straightforward, targeted or complete as a simple backlinks map, but worth a look.
  4. and if you remember that those links existed, but if you forgot . . .
  5. I do that too, almost religiously, but sometimes you forget and creating explicit backlinks is an extra step. So, it is still quite useful to be able to see all the backlinks to a note, whether explicit or not.
  6. Yes, you can expand the list panel to about 80% of the screen, but it would still be nice to be able to hide the preview pane completely.
  7. Explicit backlinks are an extra step, and don't help in those cases where you want to see all the backlinks, explicit or not (though by definition, an explicit backlink is actually just a regular link that just happens to be tracing back to an incoming link).
  8. Would be useful to be able to hide the note preview in Top List View so that the notes list takes up the entire screen.
  9. When you create a link to Note B and then copy that link into Note A, you also implicitly create a “backlink” in Note B to Note A. I don’t see that Evernote is currently able to display these backlinks (for example, with a pop-up window that shows all the notes that currently point to a given note, Note B in this case). This would be useful for re-discovering relationships between notes, and when deciding whether or not to delete a note. It would also be nice to have a map, maybe visual, of all the links in a notebook and maybe even an entire account.
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