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  1. Maybe we should first ask for only one additional color, let's say red. That might be less challenging of a task for them to implement ?
  2. I was sure I just had not seen the option to change the color. I said to myself "it cannot not exist, right"? Then I googled for it and found this thread. I can't believe such a simple feature is not implemented. I too have been a paying subscriber for quite a while, but there are more and more things that have been annoying me lately with the Windows client, this lack of coloring me being one of them. I'm been trying out OneNote for a few weeks, but I don't really like their Android app for now. Might take me a while to get used to it thought, it is quite different from the Evernote app.
  3. It's more than a year later since the last post, but this just happened to me (it had also happened to me back in april). The Excel attachment in the note just disappeared. But thanks to yadayada's tip, the attachment was intact in the attachments folder in the database folder. Thank you, you saved me hours of work!
  4. See this post, and give what heather said a try: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37102-evernote-website-hangs-on-submitting-a-ticket/?p=201003 Thank you! I shortened the text of my request and now it works :-)
  5. Thanks guys. I just tried submitting a ticket, and the submission still does not work...
  6. Thank you. I tried contacting support yesterday, and again this morning. When I click on Submit, I get the message "Submitting ticket...", but nothing else happens. It seems to never fully complete the request.
  7. Hi, I submitted the following to tech support. I'm posting it also here, in case it happened to someone else. I had 16 individual notes, with each note containing a single JPG image. Each note was less than 1 MB. I merged those 16 notes into one new note, using the Merge function of the Window client. I ended up with a new note that weighs 66 MB !! That's way larger than the combined size of my 16 original notes(which was 7 MB total). And it's larger than the 50 MB limit of an indidual note, which is strange... While trying to troubleshoot the problem, I went in the new note and did a "Save attachments...". In the folder where I saved the attachments, I see all my JPG files, but out of the 16 images, 10 of them also gave a corresponding .PNG file. It's those PNG files that are large, and that consume a lot of space. And now, when I try to edit that note, I get the following error in a popup window:"The operation cannot be completed because the note size limit of 50MB has been exceeded." Weird isn't it? Pat
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