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  1. Thanks, here is the ticket info. 3211801 is the number. Rick
  2. But in the summary it shows 0 pending. I need to make changes to this user, however there is no checkbox so I can use actions. Anyone know how to fix this per chance? I have submitted a ticket to support, however it states it may be 10 days before they get back to me. TIA Rick
  3. Getting same behavior on two windows 10 computers. One is Version 1809 (build 17763.1, the other is Version 1803 (build 17134.345) Restarting has no effect.
  4. I now get the error message: clipboard contains no path or url Is there a fix for this? It was a feature that I used often. Windows 10 desktop client. I found this does the same thing in notepad. Must be a windows issue. Anyone have a fix?
  5. I am having the issue that many times if I have not used evernote in a while, upon attempting to use, I get the Evernote not responding error. It can take 30 sec to 90 sec to clear. What a pain to use a program that constantly does this.
  6. You are correct. Also, not listening to your customers is usually a fast way to go out of business. I would be curious to see what their numbers are today vs just 3 years ago. Evernote will pay no more attention to this than the dark theme, which started in 2013 and the most recent post was 3/16/18. We are a business user with several employees using evernote. It really gripes me when I see them come out with big new features like work chat and spaces, when so much of the program needs to be fixed and or vastly improved.
  7. I am with the majority. At least make it optional like shortcuts. I do not like giving up the screen space to this button. Rick
  8. All I get using this method is: "click to show all notebooks" Any other way to get notebook and note count? Version
  9. This is something that just started on my pc. Evernote has been crashing and when I go to task manager I find this .exe running. Evernote will not restart until I shut down: Evernoteclipper.exe Evernoteplayer.exe evernotetray.exe Once I shut these three evernote will start again. Windows 10 - 1709 - Evernote
  10. I would have much preferred you fix the program that you have then coming out with another yet unasked for feature. 1. Dark themes 2. Better editing choices 3. Better control over formatting after merges 4. Better control over import folders - network drives. But this is just me a long time customer.
  11. Thanks for the info, I am at 1703 and I see the fall creator update is 1709. Have a GREAT day! Rick
  12. I have not been able to find a way to disable this on my system. Searching Google has also provided no help. I do not have the button referenced in the post. Any other ideas? Thanks Rick
  13. Such a shame to have to go to such GREAT lengths to get something that has been requested for so verrrrrrry long! Rick
  14. Upgrading to the newest version,, causes issues with the merge. They go from horizontal to vertical. AND it goes back and changes all the old notes. WHAT A PAIN! I have emailed support, thought I would try here also to see if anyone has a fix. 2017-06-02 11_14_09-Business Notebooks - rltidd@tidd27.pdf
  15. The problem with simplify formatting, it removes all kinds of formating especially with merges. Very strange
  16. F6 does work, it was just handy with the mouse already there to hit the X.
  17. Windows 10 and version of evernnote. We have a great backup plan in place, and just think evernote should not be losing files like this.
  18. In the search box, there used to be an X that you could click and would completely clear the search box taking you back to all notebooks. I guess they changed this as a "feature" Now it only clears what is in the box and leaves you exactly where you were in a notebook. Rick
  19. We have EXACTLY the same problem with spreadsheets. I have worked with support to no avail. We can often find the file in the attachements folder where the database is stored. We also have spreadsheets that change to an earlier version all on their own. Good luck! Rick
  20. Oddly enough, NOW if I have the note open, I can drag and drop the file. But I can not in the note panel. I could do this before, but can no longer, what a PAIN!
  21. Dropping in note list creates a new note. I am attempting to add to the note body Do not want to drop in notebook list, adds a new note as in item one above. This used to work just fine, suddenly I can no longer drag and drop a file into an existing note.
  22. I just began having problems also. I drag from explorer, once it crosses into evernote the universal red NO symbol appears and it does not work,
  23. I believe that is correct. It will place it in the default notebook and you will have to move it, but it would contain the things you need. Rick
  24. You could also put the @notebook name in your signature, and use that signature when you want to send email to evernote. Create rule that looks for this in the body. Hope this helps.l Have a GREAT day! Rick
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