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  1. This only works on Mac for me by right clicking and pasting from the dropdown menu. Cmd+V does not work (only pastes the text). I am able to copy using keyboard shortcut cmd+c though. Then paste via right click..
  2. This is the correct answer. It works for Mac. Preferences > General > Uncheck "Open note linked from other applications in a new window"
  3. Evernote for iPhone has been slow as ***** for years. I’ve used multiple iPhones with it. Everything; search, note creation, note editing - all very very slow. If I remember correctly this started happening from about 4000 notes upwards though I’m not sure why note database size should have an affect on the performance of the app once it’s loaded. I have been forced for years to use iOS notes app for quick access and jotting of lists and ideas. Evernote iOS is a non starter for this
  4. Setup Mac system wide Paste and Match Style (see article below). NB: you have to enter "Paste and Match Style" with that exact caps formatting. Exactly as you see it in this article. First time I entered it i entered "style" with a lower case "s" and when I tried copy and pasting from the web into an EN doc, the formatting was still there; https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/set-paste-match-style-default-mac-osx/
  5. I have the majority of my notes (5200) in only one notebook as I use tags to organise instead. This large Notebook is downloaded now though because i can see the little status bar next to the notebook has complete. EN is now faster but by no means as fast and convenient as Apple Notes for iphone. I just cant seem to use it for quick daily access to notes. I've reset, uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice now. Are you saying if I create a new Notebook called "Daily" and only store my Today lists there, that this will provide me quicker access to these daily notes when using iphone?
  6. So no resolution then? Im still having this issue now in November with version 8.5.1 . Wish i had never updated
  7. Hi CalS. Thanks. Yes, the majority of my notebooks are set to Offline but they have had weeks to download to the device so this shouldnt be causing the slowness issue. Im using 8.5.1 also. Any other suggestions as to what the issue might be & why its so much slower that the previous version I updated from? thanks
  8. Yeah, I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it didnt improve performance. Loading time and page navigation is almost unusably slow. Any other suggestions?
  9. Thanks. this did the trick with the mac app. My iphone app is also super slow; will this rebuilding of the search index on mac, also effect the iphone app? Or do I have to rebuilds its index separately. If so, how do I do that on iphone? thanks
  10. Since upgrading to the latest version of EN for mac, when searching for notes it is bringing up limited or no results. Is this a bug? Having separate slowness issues with the ios app since updating also. Not impressed.
  11. Hi Jefito. I said Evernote for ios and posted in the ios section
  12. Evernote for ios is painfully slow since updating to version 8.5.1. I tried deleting & reinstalling the app but it did not help. I have 5,500 notes. EN takes nearly 10 seconds to open at first, sticks whilst scrolling through notebooks and is slow to open and type into notes. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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