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  1. I have the majority of my notes (5200) in only one notebook as I use tags to organise instead. This large Notebook is downloaded now though because i can see the little status bar next to the notebook has complete. EN is now faster but by no means as fast and convenient as Apple Notes for iphone. I just cant seem to use it for quick daily access to notes. I've reset, uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice now. Are you saying if I create a new Notebook called "Daily" and only store my Today lists there, that this will provide me quicker access to these daily notes when using iphone?
  2. So no resolution then? Im still having this issue now in November with version 8.5.1 . Wish i had never updated
  3. HI Jef. Just checking you got my reply. EN for ios is slow
  4. Hi CalS. Thanks. Yes, the majority of my notebooks are set to Offline but they have had weeks to download to the device so this shouldnt be causing the slowness issue. Im using 8.5.1 also. Any other suggestions as to what the issue might be & why its so much slower that the previous version I updated from? thanks
  5. Yeah, I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it didnt improve performance. Loading time and page navigation is almost unusably slow. Any other suggestions?
  6. Thanks. this did the trick with the mac app. My iphone app is also super slow; will this rebuilding of the search index on mac, also effect the iphone app? Or do I have to rebuilds its index separately. If so, how do I do that on iphone? thanks
  7. Since upgrading to the latest version of EN for mac, when searching for notes it is bringing up limited or no results. Is this a bug? Having separate slowness issues with the ios app since updating also. Not impressed.
  8. Hi Jefito. I said Evernote for ios and posted in the ios section
  9. Evernote for ios is painfully slow since updating to version 8.5.1. I tried deleting & reinstalling the app but it did not help. I have 5,500 notes. EN takes nearly 10 seconds to open at first, sticks whilst scrolling through notebooks and is slow to open and type into notes. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Hey guys. I am currently working on a productivity application that could potentially be very disruptive to browsing and the digesting of information from a mobile device. I am looking for a developer passionate about productivity apps, to come on board to help with the project. The app has already had some promising interested from a productivity/tech influencer online which would provide a good source of early users & testing. If it sounds like something you would be interested in getting involved in, it would be great to hear from you. Please PM me & we can chat. all the best, Josh
  11. Hey guys, How secure is encrypting text in an Evernote, vs an app like 1Password; http://help.agilebits.com/1Password3/security.html Also, is my mac keychain encrypted? (Is Keychain the only place on my mac which is auto-populating my regular website logins?)
  12. Ok.. it have not sync'd premium across my devises!! My iphone notes still seem damn slow to load though!! Why might this be? I am using an iPhone3GS running iOS 6.1.6 at the moment
  13. Hey guys. I just upgraded to EN Premium via the web app thinking that the Premium subscription would sync across my Mac & iPhone apps. After syncing, logging out and back in of my mac and iphone apps, they do not seem to have been upgraded to Premium! Am I missing something? I only upgraded my account to premium so that notes would store locally and load faster on my iPhone.. I never actually use the Web app! many thanks, j
  14. Hey guys, In EN, is it possible to search for an entire term, EG; "wikipedia is great for info" - rather than just "wikipedia"? I need to narrow my searches.. many thanks, Josh
  15. Hey guys, My Tags list keep disappearing from the side column?
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