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  1. I haven't read all these replies, but here I go... I hate the new app. Just downloaded the Legacy app and am using that now. Both can exist next to eachother, so that is good. The new version is just the web version in a shell, right? It's almost identical to the web version, the one that only runs properly in Chrome, not in Firefox. Now with this new version - WHY IS THERE NO LINUX APP YET?????? I mean, if you go this way, then that should be peanuts not? I hate the ugglyness and sluggyness. When I create a new note, I see like 5 different windows being created, and then it's a miracle if I can type a new title and text, because often I need to restart to do that. The only improvement is search, because that didn't work at all in the old app on my Mac. If I needed search, I did that on the phone, added a space in the text so it moved up, then could proceed on the laptop. Lists on the phone have different checkboxes than in the mac version. They look different, behave different. If I select one line in a list and move it, the bullets are not recreated properly. V10 is a giant leap and many steps backwards. The giant leap seems to be: saving money by cutting down the dev team. I'm looking for alternatives. OneNote is not what I want. Joplin not really. What else is there?
  2. Searching for words inside notes returns zero result. At the same time the search suggestions do work. I click on a note and it has the word "education" in it. I type this word in the search bar, I see it appear in the suggestions while typing, and then all notes disappear. Tag-searching does work. Then this... I just wanted to test this with a unique word so I created a new note, put a word inside the note, then searched for it, and you know what? It worked?! I can find that last note doing a search for that word. Going back to "education" - empty list. Searching works on the phone, so if I can't trace back a note I can use the phone. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I fix it? I use the free edition, MacOS 10.14, last Evernote version, all updates.
  3. I never scan anything, don't use any external apps. I only use the Evernote app on my phone and the Evernote app on the Mac. I only create new notes in the app itself.
  4. Thanks @PinkElephant! I checked that option and that works. Although this is very confusing... I checked the "Open note links from other applications in new window". I don't even know what this means in this regard. If it would say "open new notes in new window", then I understand, but then it should be left unchecked. How does this text relate to what I want? I really don't understand.
  5. Great tip! Now please explain where in the preferences you can set this!?!?
  6. When I create a new note, sometimes I get a popup, other times it stays in the main window, which is what I prefer. What makes it pop up or not? I prefer no popups, always close them down immediately, which is irritating, so if there is a way to force Evernote to stay within the main window all the time I would like to know.
  7. I love the black theme on Android. That's a real improvement. There is one things that bugs me. When I open the app I still see the bright white screen at startup. Then it changes to the dark theme. This happens daily, and especially at night this really annoys me. After opening the app, going back to the home screen and opening it again, this doesn't happen. Please make the startup screen dark as well!
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