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  1. Hi there, just wanted to submit a quick feature request. Sometimes when I'm working using bullet points, they can get messy and less organized if I start using too many indents. It would be really awesome to be able to "collapse" the bullets so that you can look at the primary level. It would be a bit like the way mind-maps work. I attached a couple of pictures for examples. Thank you! Michael
  2. Yes, please add this feature - even if it needs to be somewhat hidden in the "advanced features" checkbox. It's clearly something your customers want.
  3. Please add back presentation mode. I used it for reading my set list when I'm performing songs on stage.
  4. One workaround while they fix this – if you right click on the image in Evernote, then click "Save as" and save it to your Desktop, it'll work correctly.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I don't think it would be very complicated. Separate notes is a potential workaround, but seems a bit more inconvenient.
  6. Hi everyone! I had an idea, and I was curious what you think. Sometimes my notes start to get a bit messy because I have multiple sections. For example, my Daily To-Do list has a section for today, this week, this month, 3 months, and also a section to keep track of my progress. What if Evernote included a simple option -- you could highlight text and click "hide", which would take away the selection and create a little sideways arrow in its place. When you click on the arrow, it could flip downwards, as the selection gets toggled to "show". This could be a nice, easy way to keep tabs on e
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