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  1. Hi there, just wanted to submit a quick feature request. Sometimes when I'm working using bullet points, they can get messy and less organized if I start using too many indents. It would be really awesome to be able to "collapse" the bullets so that you can look at the primary level. It would be a bit like the way mind-maps work. I attached a couple of pictures for examples. Thank you! Michael
  2. Yes, please add this feature - even if it needs to be somewhat hidden in the "advanced features" checkbox. It's clearly something your customers want.
  3. Please add back presentation mode. I used it for reading my set list when I'm performing songs on stage.
  4. One workaround while they fix this – if you right click on the image in Evernote, then click "Save as" and save it to your Desktop, it'll work correctly.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I don't think it would be very complicated. Separate notes is a potential workaround, but seems a bit more inconvenient.
  6. Hi everyone! I had an idea, and I was curious what you think. Sometimes my notes start to get a bit messy because I have multiple sections. For example, my Daily To-Do list has a section for today, this week, this month, 3 months, and also a section to keep track of my progress. What if Evernote included a simple option -- you could highlight text and click "hide", which would take away the selection and create a little sideways arrow in its place. When you click on the arrow, it could flip downwards, as the selection gets toggled to "show". This could be a nice, easy way to keep tabs on everything -- and to keep our notes cleaner / more accessible. Thanks, Michael
  7. I respectfully disagree. Yes, it would be work for Evernote to develop it, but I think it would be a better system for conflicting changes - even on mobile devices. (Double tap on red or green highlighted text to select Keep or Delete) I know how to avoid conflicting changes, but that doesn't mean I always have the foresight to quit out of Evernote / sync when I'm in the middle of an idea.
  8. Hey there, first of all, thanks to Evernote for making such an amazing product, which I use on the daily! This morning, I had an idea for a feature request: I often switch between my iPhone and Macbook Pro while using Evernote, and it usually handles it great. Sometimes, however, the iPhone and the Macbook Pro don't sync at the right times, and I'll get an extra note added called "Conflicting Changes". It doesn't happen THAT often, so it's not usually an issue, but it is a bit frustrating when it does. My idea was that instead of separating the content into two notes, what if it consolidated it into one? It could take the "potentially deleted" text and highlight it in red, and the "potentially added" text and highlight it in green. That way it would be easy to tell the differences between the notes, rather than spending time manually looking over both of them to figure out which one is more relevant. (Even worse is if there's new relevant info in both!) Thanks for listening! InfiniteIdentity
  9. Good news - they added the option for higher quality recordings! You just go into the Settings of the iPhone app -- General -- then to Audio, and you'll have "low quality" or "high quality". Cheers, InfiniteIdentity
  10. No worries - right, maybe one of them will see this and give it a shot!
  11. Ehh.. Well, I'd hope they'd take customer ideas into account. I realize that you can't please everyone, but I don't see any downsides to adding this feature- especially in a somewhat buried "advanced settings". The only people who'd be effected by it are the people who would be looking for it. I know that there are workarounds to this, but it just seems so much simpler to use the Audio Record button inside the note itself. Not anything groundbreaking... Just like, Voice Memo quality. I'd rather do that than go through all this e-mail / IFTTT stuff. I'm just someone who uses this app (on my phone) on a consistent basis, and I know this feature would make it much more convenient for me. I'd pass it along to my musician friends if it had it, but probably won't without. Thanks for your feedback gazumped!
  12. Thanks for the reply gazumped! I was aware of the option to import an audio file from another app, but like I said, the CONVENIENCE of having it available in Evernote would be great. Otherwise I have to email the file to myself before I can attach it - which takes longer, is messier, and isn't an option if I don't have cell service. If Evernote is worried about space / upload times, then couldn't they leave the DEFAULT setting at a low quality, and then give the user an advanced option that could increase the size? Like I said, I'd be willing to upgrade to premium for this feature!
  13. Hello! First of all, just want to say I love Evernote and have been using it everyday since I downloaded it on my iPhone. Thank you for developing such a high quality product! I play music professionally, and would REALLY love an option to increase the Audio Recording Quality. Like a "Default", "Better", "Best" setting. That way, it would be much more convenient to keep my work in one place, rather than recording and importing from another app. Convenience is the main reason I use Evernote- I'd be willing to upgrade to Premium for this feature! Thanks for listening!
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