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  1. in case anybody is interested in looking at the workings, I attach extract of log file leading up to the error(s).Log EN Resource Error.txt
  2. Hi. I am fairly certain it has to do with the number of hyperlinks in the email. It is a newsletter with tons of backlinks to websites and adverts and creates a rather large note of 1.1MB with 995 pictures (close to 1000, maybe this is the limit. Before throwing the error, I cannot close the clipped note and its miniature preview blinks (therefore my suspicion). However, at the end the email has been clipped, so this error is more a nuisance than a real problem 🙂
  3. Using Evernote Clipper for Outlook, I regularly run into this error message - see also screenshot attached. Any ideas for how to prevent this / a work-around? thanks in advance!
  4. Granted, this is an old topic, but as with so many suggestions in this forum (unfortunately), still not resolved: Would it be possible to configure a consistent standard color pallet across all EN platforms? Currently, PC, iOS/iPadOS and EN Online platforms all use different standard color pallets! The standard PC pallet of colors doesn't contain all the standard colors in iOS. Hard for me to comprehend such a disconnect in development! And EN Online uses different colours again! Even the shades of grey are different... See attached note's screenshot... BTW, I also use this note as a workaround: create a note on iOS using EN on iOS's standard colors, then configure these colors as custom colors for EN on PC. The dialogue for creating custom colors is kind of cumbersome as well, but hey, nothing beats a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down RGB values when configuring your most favourite note-taking app, right? These colours are then accessible with three mouse-clicks (brilliant UX!), but at least my notes look consistent. Across iOS & PC, that is, because colors can not be customised for EN Online.
  5. Since one of the latest EN for iOS updates, I regularly experience that notes created and looking perfectly fine on my iPad show on my PC with various font sizes. This behaviour seems truly erroneous, I can't detect any regularity. As an example, compare the first bullet-point in note attached: as created on iPad and as synced to Windows.
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