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  1. Yes, I have been logged in, made sure the downloads have finished, and have tested it in multiple offline situations, yet the app doesn't open. The only way I can make it work is if the app has been already open before going offline, which is not an expected or ideal functionality. I am not sure how things work on iOS, I am using the Android app.
  2. I was off the grid yesterday, without cellular connection, but had selected some notebooks for offline access. However, the app wouldn't open at all without internet connection. Is that a bug? Or is internet needed to open it? If that's the case, then what purpose do offline notebook downloads serve?
  3. Hello, I have noticed that in Windows the expand and move note buttons do not always work. When I put my cursor above the expand icon, it will not allow me to click it unless I move it around, after which it will decide that it can be clicked. The same happens with the hidden move note icon: when I hover over the notebook name, the icon will not appear every time, and when it does appear, it is not clickable.
  4. @Shane D., the shortcut is great and fast. BUT, it conflicts with the existing (CTRL+Q) editor shortcut for justifying text. See the screenshots below. This is how my text is justified: And this is what happens to it after I engage the quick switcher (the text has been justified):
  5. Hello. See below a rare occurrence which took place after I saved an image annotation (cropped it). The content moved to the right upon saving, but it reverted back to normal after I clicked away from the note. Hasn't happened again. Just dropping it here in case it relates to any other issues.
  6. I have addressed this issue in the past, but nobody from EN has recognized its importance. I would really appreciate it if they brought this feature back because I cannot remember all the tags that are included in my notebooks.
  7. Every day I create a daily note which I edit constantly throughout the day. When I do that, I do not like to have the entire app open, so I keep the note in a new window. Today, I was editing the note (the indicator on the bottom right kept saying the changes were saved) and when I closed it and then opened the app, none of the changes were saved. Someone from the team needs to address this issue and spend some time fixing it, because this is a main feature which now I am afraid to use.
  8. Hi, Dave. Yes, you can double-click to open a note in a new window. Alternatively, you can right click on the note or through the 3-dot menu on the top right of the note.
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