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  1. It is 9 March and I am still having the same issues others are complaining of - failed syncing, iPhone app running at a snails pace, MacOS spinning beach balls. And EN's dumb idea to limit my exports to 50 notes so I can't even back up my 1500 notes in the face of all this stuff going wrong - new notes disappearing forever because of the sync issues. Fortunately someone on this forum put me on to the Legacy desktop app so I can backup my notes that way.
  2. There are examples on this forum of notes being wiped out by EN sync. Then they are lost forever. This has happened to me. I also worry about the case where EN goes out of business and we can't access our data. The way they continue to "improve" things is resulting in paying customers leaving, and the alternatives are getting better. That creates a risk that I'm not prepared to take. As you can see I am a Level 1 user on this forum. EN has just worked in the past and I never had any motivation to get on here and comment. Now it has got so bad I am contemplating moving to another softwa
  3. EN on iOS is running like a dog for me, takes 10-15 seconds to launch the app, then 5 seconds to load a note. This is on an 11Pro with 512MB that is mostly empty.
  4. Thanks for reminding me, that worked nicely and took 30 seconds for 1535 notes. I'll keep using this as long as it keeps working. And fingers crossed Legacy and mobile devices keep syncing properly.
  5. I have about 50 notebooks, you are not seriously suggesting that doing this 50 times over every time I want to do an export is reasonable? I don’t have time for that rubbish. Once I was able to export everything in one click. Now I can’t, so that is a serious problem, and one by design, EN is intentionally crippling its users, presumably because it is afraid of them leaving. Guess what that will lead to?
  6. Now EN has deleted the changes I made on iOS to a vital note. It is gone from all versions of EN including Legacy. This is a serious disappointment. By design they they only allow backup of 50 notes at a time. The trust that I have for this platform is evaporating very quickly, there is only a thread left.
  7. Thanks for these tips. I have installed Mac legacy version. I note that EN legacy is only temporary until they have finished developing the new EN's features.
  8. Thx. Can I use this in conjunction with EN iOS and have them sync properly?
  9. This is a disaster. I have 1500 notes, I have been using EN for 10 years (most of that as a paying user). I have stuck with them through all the ups and downs, but the fact that I can only back up 50 notes (or 1 notebook) at a time is a deal breaker. I have far too much important data sitting in EN. I will be looking for a new solution if they do not fix this quickly. Probably just Apple Notes, they keep adding more functionality with each update.
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