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  1. Instead of tinkering with their logo (which was the only change I could even notice in their 'big' summer update) and redesigning buttons, they should do substantive things, like making the program work in a more intuitive and consistent way between devices and across platforms. Or make Conflicting changes notifications easier to understand. Do they read these suggestions?
  2. Totally agree. Change for the sake of change is what companies do when they give up on real product development. Just bad design. Ugly.
  3. I STRONGLY echo that request. On very long note of many pages, it's extremely irritating to have the title constantly visible, like it's following you around. I know where I am without this. It takes up valuable screen space too. It also makes it impossible to see at a glance whether you're at the beginning of a note or not. Lastly, but this is a lesser point, it's a bit close to the note: the spacing is not elegant. Please give us an option to turn this feature off.
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