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  1. Totally agree. 16 point being large-ish is a totally relative idea in the digital world. But it is one we buy into. We don't expect 16 point to be way too small.
  2. Agree with gazumped. They listen. They don't lead. That never leads to great software.
  3. Does this mean that .enex exporting will not include attachments?? All exporting involves some corruption of formatting and I REALLY do not want to do this, but I guess I may have to.
  4. I'm sure Ian Small is a nice guy, but I never sense a clear long-term vision beyond the obvious and a few slogans and ad hoc adjustments.
  5. It's simple. There have always been 2 tiers. They should offer this new version as the totally free one. And the Legacy version as the one we pay for. And in present circumstances, I think we'd even accept a hefty price hike.
  6. Why are very few people here talking about OneNote?
  7. Evernote are terrible communicators. Instead of saying "you will be able to use Version 7 for the immediate short term", they should say: "until Version 10 is truly ironed out, in the opinion of our users". They are leaving paying users with a feeling of insecurity about their data -- which is the opposite of what Evernote was set up to do.
  8. We are all thinking about moving. How many will actually do so? Exporting involves compromises even if you totally love the destination site. I suspect many people will stay with EN, just with a hugely inferior experience. It may catch up, but most of us have doubts.
  9. People are not aware of this as an acknowledged, parallel, official Evernote product which will go on being supported for as long as is necessary. That's what it needs to be.
  10. The body of commentary against new the Evernote for Mac and IOS (never mind Windows and Android) has to be taken seriously. Are you doing that? It is not OK to respond to this or that technical fix as if everything else is fine or to treat paying users as if they don't matter. You need to reclaim 7.14. That means acknowledging it as an equal alternative to 10 for those users who depend on it. Re-take ownership. Don't bury it in a discussion group as a link for a few people to follow so that they can run it in parallel with 10. You need to spell out, to your paying customers:
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