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  1. Good. And yes, it is ridiculous to have to hit 3 keys to do a simple apostrophe s. It makes one wonder what else they don't think through -- eg in security.
  2. They add the following -- and this contradicts the point PinkElephant often makes about the best place to get a point across being via a Support ticket: We would also like to let you know that the best place to submit feedback is through the app. From the menu bar click on Help > Share Feedback. That feedback gets sent directly to the product team. However, I will make sure this feedback you shared with me today is relayed to the product team, as well.
  3. I have received this advice from Support: I would like to let you know that I have tried this on my end using one of our test devices and I was able to use the smart quote or the curly quotes. Please see the attached image in this reply for reference. With that being said, below are the keyboard shortcuts I used to input the smart quotes in Evernote: To produce an opening single smart quote, press simultaneously on Option + ]. To produce a single closing smart quote press on Option + Shift + ]. To produce an opening double smart quote, press simultaneously on Option + [. To produce a double closing smart quote press on Option + Shift + [.
  4. And especially since the idea is that the software should now work in a similar way across all platforms.
  5. Yes, they did work in the old version. This is not a fix they should be "considering" or waiting for X number of requests for. It just needs doing.
  6. Really? I'm not looking for "support". Nor am I likely to get any.
  7. Agree, but don't you mean viewing size as opposed to font size? This has to apply to existing notes, not only new ones.
  8. On a current iPad Pro 12.9 inch 16 is too small for the body of a note. I don't have any eyesight challenges. For those that do, it definitely needs to be scalable.
  9. I repeat: if we have to do all the work, and they don't study these forums, they deserve to fail.
  10. If Evernote isn't already aware of these Forum discussions, there's no hope. And I'm not asking for support. But thanks
  11. You need to be able to scale in the case of Evernote for IOS and probably for the Mac too. 16 point is meaningless in the relative world of digital displays, but it's normally considered a large-ish font size. Here it's tiny! This needs fixing.
  12. A fix? But yes, they have had others to attend to in what has possibly been the most premature major release of any mass-use software in history. But I'm an optimist in the long run and will probably stick with Evernote!
  13. “Scale note body size" is URGENTLY needed on iOS/iPadOS, because it doesn't support Apple's dynamic text feature. Enlarging text size in iOS settings will only result in larger fonts in menus, not in note bodies. Please support dynamic text or re-introduce the slider "Scale note body size" (as can be found in apps like Devonthink To Go). Otherwise I'll have to think of migrating to Devonthink or even Apple Notes (which can't compete with Evernote when it comes to features).
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