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  1. If Microsoft can do it with OneNote, Evernote can do it. The big problem for me is simple mental organization. I start with a main them under which go (usually) two or more sub-themes (or sub-topics) which can be added to at any time. With Evernote, you have to think about the sub-topics and create notebooks for them before setting up the main notebook. Then you create a stack. It makes no sense, from a writer's point of view anyway.
  2. I followed your advice about the extractor and then uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote. It was successful. Thanks.
  3. It is available, and it tries to install. The percentage goes up and then back down. It finally hits 100% and then goes down again. Finally it says it can't install. It did install on my Pixel 2 phone, so there's something about my Lenovo tablet that's preventing it.
  4. I can't install the update on my Lenovo tablet with Android 10. I've cleared the storage and cache in the Google Play Store app.
  5. I followed the advice of one of the respondents above and cleared all instances from my Task list, which included a process from the legacy version. There were a lot of processes, some of which restarted after I ended them. I just kept clicking until they all closed. When I re-started the program, Evernote opened along with an update dialog. Previously, that dialog had opened as a blank box. I just clicked the X because I didn't know what it was. The updated Evernote re-started and is working properly.
  6. I just found it doing this on my desktop app, although it works fine on my laptop. All F11 does is expand the whole browser window to full screen. Any other ideas?
  7. There may be hiccups of one kind or another that prevent syncing. There should be a sync button or command in the toolbar for backup.
  8. For the life of me, I can't imagine why Evernote hasn't done this yet. Is there a weakness in the programming itself? Is it a philosophical matter? This is on the level of OneNote not allowing for the sorting of notebooks (unless you use OneNote 2016 and add the Onetastic add-on). It's so obvious a need that it should have been implemented long ago. I just came back to Evernote because of the complexity of the OneNote/OneDrive relation, but it won't be long before I'll return (after I get my money's worth out of my subscription).
  9. I wondered if I could drag one notebook onto another to create a stack, and both notebooks disappeared. Where did they go?
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