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  1. Hi @ME96 - Please see @RavBoy's response to my problem above. F11 solved it for me.
  2. I only just saw your response, @RavBoy and F11 worked! Thanks so much. And I've resized my left panel which I didn't know how to do. And thanks for the F10 to get rid of the Left Panel. . I've got my desktop app back. Very grateful. Is there somewhere I should look for these types of tips?
  3. The primary problem is that when I click on a notebook, including All Notes, in my Windows 10 Desktop app, the notes don't display and I can't view or edit them. I can see all the notebooks, but not the notes within them. The notes sync, and I am able to use the web and android apps but not the desktop app. I have tried: turning the laptop off and on again 😀, logging out of Evernote and logging in again; switching from New to Classic viewer and back again, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The secondary problem is that I tried unsuccessfully to get
  4. I think this is related: my Evernote icon pins to the taskbar BUT WON'T OPEN FROM THERE. We live in a time when things like this are meant to be taken for granted when you're dealing with services like Evernote. I agree: Nevernote.
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