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  1. antpugh, seems to be related to this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38550-incomplete-results-from-saved-searches-since-evernote-51/ Can you post there instead and outline your exact steps so I can try to reproduce it? Thanks!
  2. @Jeroen: I have followed your steps and was unable to reproduce your error. Your search grammar should not be notebook:'Actions pending' tag:1-Now, but rather, notebook:"Actions pending" tag:1-Now. I had my notes come up each time I clicked a saved search. @Extropy, could you provide a specific steps as Jeroen did? I will try to reproduce your error and see if we can fix it. @firstknight, could you provide more information about what exactly you contacted support about? What was your particular bug? To best assist you, please also include the Evernote Mac build number and OSX version, and exact steps to reproduce your error as well. Thanks!
  3. Hi Stefan, You're right that in Mac you are not able to drag and drop tags into the sidebar, but you are able to view notes and tags in the same window at once by right-clicking the Tags tab in the sidebar and clicking Show Tag List. Thanks for your input
  4. mtin79, I've come across your problem as well (very rarely, only once or twice), but it was due to an Apple problem that was solved by rebooting too. A good way to check if it is an Evernote or Apple problem re: copying and pasting is to see if copy and pasting do not work in other programs as well (MS Word, online email programs, etc). Glad you figured it out!
  5. Hi Ferdinand, We just released Evernote Mac 5.2.0 in the App Store - please download it and see if the problem persists. If it continues, please submit a support ticket: http://evernote.com/contact/support/ Thanks!
  6. Hi jbuck, Unfortunately we only support Gmail clipping with Google Chrome browser: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/06/18/evernote-web-clipper-for-chrome-gets-gmail-clipping/ but thanks for your input!
  7. antpugh and trumpetg, please see the attached screenshot on how to find the tags you cmd-clicked and multi-selected. The notes that show up will filter according to your tags you selected. However, if you select two tags like "fruits" and "delicious" with no notes that overlap -- no notes that are tagged BOTH "fruits" and "delicious" -- then no notes will show. Does that help?
  8. It's working for me. Can you provide a screenshot? This is for the Tags view, right?
  9. antpugh, could you provide more information on your specific steps that lead to an error with multi-selecting tags in sidebar or in the Tags view?
  10. Oops, I accidentally was thinking of something else when I wrote that. Sorry! Glad you found a solution
  11. Hi quercus, You can display tags in a specific notebook context by clicking the tag filter at the top of the note list. Please see the attached screenshot. Hope that helps!
  12. Hi rhyanes74, unfortunately we currently do not support local links or non-http links. Thanks for your input though!
  13. Hi Brad, Thanks for sharing! I don't know which desktop platform you're using, but we recently debuted highlighting in Evernote for Mac And though we don't have an icon for strikethrough text in the text editor for Mac, there is indeed a keyboard shortcut - CTRL-CMD-K. As for wanting to use Evernote for blogging purposes, I am excited to point you to http://postach.io/ -- in which a great team (non-Evernote affiliated) has already created a blogging platform powered by Evernote. Try it out!
  14. I'm not quite sure what you mean - "the desktop app is not allowing me to drag and drop any type of file" and "It does work on my MacBook Pro"? So does it work or does it not work? Can you provide specific steps to reproduce your error? Are you dragging and dropping a file onto the Evernote icon, into an Evernote notebook, into an Evernote note, etc?
  15. I would encourage you to contact support: http://evernote.com/contact/support/ they will help you from there!
  16. Cucca, That actually is put there by Apple's system and is not a feature or a bug on our end thanks for pointing it out! We'll work on removing it so other users won't get confused. Unfortunately, we currently do not support text styles, but it is definitely noted as a feature request.
  17. Hi cucca, Can you provide specific steps to reproduce your error? Please clarify - do you mean that you set text to be bold and color red (for example) and the text formatting doesn't match that? Or are you trying to set custom styles and headings?
  18. Hi mogf01, can you provide screenshots of before and after pasting "tables" from Excel and Numbers into Evernote?
  19. Unfortunately, there currently is not a way to resize the width of a table cell. Thanks for your suggestion though!
  20. Regarding aegis79's comment on being "left behind" as a PC user, it is a general comment to stay tuned for Windows v5! No specific promises on anything
  21. Edan, You're right, hitting CMD-L does select the whole note title. In terms of the workflow you just described, the changing title and note content but undo changes in note content behavior can probably be made better. As an Evernote Premium user, you can find Note History on Mac by going to Note > Note History
  22. Hi Edan, If you're making a note title change in the same sitting (i.e., you do not move to another note or exit Evernote and reopen it later), you can most certainly hit CMD-Z and get what the previous title is, as demonstrated below: Steps: 1. Create a new note. 2. Enter note title as "Hello" and then hit CMD-Z. 3. The note title reverts back to "Untitled Note" in grey. 4. Type in new title "World." This kind of behavior is also standard if you are creating note content, change it to something else, and are not able to undo that change (unless you know exactly what was there before). Unless you're in the same sitting or session, you will find the same or similar behavior in other apps like MS Word or Google Docs, in terms of not being able to undo changes after you exit and return later, etc. If you upgrade to Evernote Premium, one of the features is note history: http://evernote.com/premium/ which will allow you to view past versions of your note. Is there a reason why you are changing note titles a lot which you have to undo? Can you describe your workflow?
  23. Hi aegis79, Related Notes is currently an Evernote Premium feature in Mac. You can turn on "Show Related Notes" by going to Evernote > Preferences > General.
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