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  1. antpugh, seems to be related to this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38550-incomplete-results-from-saved-searches-since-evernote-51/ Can you post there instead and outline your exact steps so I can try to reproduce it? Thanks!
  2. antpugh and trumpetg, please see the attached screenshot on how to find the tags you cmd-clicked and multi-selected. The notes that show up will filter according to your tags you selected. However, if you select two tags like "fruits" and "delicious" with no notes that overlap -- no notes that are tagged BOTH "fruits" and "delicious" -- then no notes will show. Does that help?
  3. It's working for me. Can you provide a screenshot? This is for the Tags view, right?
  4. antpugh, could you provide more information on your specific steps that lead to an error with multi-selecting tags in sidebar or in the Tags view?
  5. Hi Brad, Thanks for sharing! I don't know which desktop platform you're using, but we recently debuted highlighting in Evernote for Mac And though we don't have an icon for strikethrough text in the text editor for Mac, there is indeed a keyboard shortcut - CTRL-CMD-K. As for wanting to use Evernote for blogging purposes, I am excited to point you to http://postach.io/ -- in which a great team (non-Evernote affiliated) has already created a blogging platform powered by Evernote. Try it out!
  6. sjnance, are you still having issues with deleting notebooks? At this point, if the notebook in question is not your one and only default notebook, please contact support for more help: http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  7. sjnance, What version of Evernote and Mac OSX are you using? You can go to Evernote > About Evernote and the Apple icon > About This Mac to find out.
  8. Hi dnim, This may be confusing at first, but reminder and note creation are closely tied together. That is, in order to create a reminder, you must create a note first (and the reminder is tied to that note) -- for example, grocery shopping list for June 7. However, once you've completed your shopping list and want to delete or clear a reminder, you just need to select the grocery note and: in the note editor, click the Reminder icon and click "Clear Reminder" or "Mark as Done" (this will remove the note from your Reminders in the note list -- "deleting" the reminder -- but will not delete
  9. Thank you all for your input -- some other improvements are currently in the pipeline for our text formatting, but I agree that we can improve our bulleting behavior. We hear ya!
  10. My bad -- it should go into your default notebook automatically. You're right. Are you positive your default notebook is correctly set to what you want it to be? Check by going into Evernote > Preferences > General. If your default notebook is what you want it to be but it's still not sending it there correctly -- where are your notes ending up? Do you see a pattern (do they all end up in another stray notebook) or just at other random notebooks?
  11. Jon, the syntax of your email subject line is important. Can you provide a more specific subject line -- the exact line of an sample note? For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report Would create a note titled Trip to Florida in my travel notebook, tagged with expense report. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/03/16/emailing-into-evernote-just-got-better/ You need to set a specific notebook each time you email something into Evernote; it won't go into your default notebook automatically.
  12. Hi Jon, Can you give a specific example of the subject line when you email a note into Evernote and where the note ended up in the end?
  13. Hi fsp5, There is certainly a way to delete notebooks from the Evernote Mac app. Here are the steps to follow in order to delete notebooks: 1. Launch Evernote Mac app. 2. Click on Notebooks on the left sidebar 3. Find your "conflicting changes" notebook(s). 4. Right-click the "conflicting changes" notebook and select Delete Notebook. Hope that helps!
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