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  1. Seems to be working now for me! My notes are back! Now to figure out how to use everything again...
  2. This is happening to me - on a Win10 desktop. Blank notes. Can create a new one but then can't type or paste into it. Everything shows up fine on iOS. Reinstall did nothing.
  3. Have tried adding templates to my account, it says they're saving, but nothing ever appears anywhere. Using the Windows web version. I create a new note and there is no "template" option or button. Edit: I upgraded my desktop version and now have them, but still don't have them on the web version.
  4. Can anyone tell me where this is in the current app? I just upgraded to an iPhone X and want to use my authenticator apps again but can't see how to turn off/on 2FA now.
  5. I just lost all mine as well! WTH? I had just scanned some of my kids' thank you notes for the last day of school wanting to show them to grandparents...so I scanned them as usual and saw they were in the list. I opened the app an hour later to scan some other things, I scanned them just fine, and then wanted to send ALL of them to my camera roll. I saw that it said "all selected" and chose save to camera roll. But it just saved one of them! And then the rest disappeared! This is NOT acceptable. I realize losing thank you notes isn't the end of the world, but it should NOT have happened. If this is the behavior, I'll no longer be using Scannable.
  6. I'm currently getting some notes that don't have ANY photo in the thumbnail (on iPad while looking at notes in a notebook) even though the very first item in the post is a picture...and there are multiple pictures in the note. Any thoughts? I *think* the items (recipes) in question were imported via an RSS reader but not sure why that would matter...?
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