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  1. Hi there, It would be great to have ability to pin notes to the top of the actual notebook (and in addition to have a dynamic notebook with all the pinned notes). Google Keep has this feature. Awesome! Thank you!
  2. Hi there, My Evernote (5.8.1 Windows) makes impossible to use global Windows shortcuts. (Eg. Autohotkey, play / pause music, etc.) They works until the Evernote is in focus. If it is in background, laying on taskbar, everithing works fine, but when Evernote window is active, pressing that global shortcuts simply makes nothing. Strange. Do you have any tip to solve this issue: Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there, I received error, when editing annotation on once annotated image. (I annotated it usin WIN-7 Evernote app., saved it and when trying to change the annotation content I got the error message). Have a look at the error: I am editing notes in local (not synchronized) Notebook. I updated to the latest version ( It did not help. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you!
  4. Well, thank you both. Using third program to change the db is a bit risky, but definitely the solution. But trying whether something works before putting it in use is the best way — definitely! I got a nice lesson for future… Thank you once again for your time…
  5. Hi there, I am starting topic, which was discussed already (here).I am using inline tags in the text [inlineTag]. When I want to find this: "[inlineTag]" the engine returns same result as for "inlineTag". Anything new from last mentioned discussion? I have roughly 2000 notes marked by this tagging [system]. Now I found, that it is useless… If there is no possibility to find exact phrase containing brackets in Evernote, I could change the [] into something really searchable, but: Is there any Find / Replace function Which I can Apply to a bunch of notebooks? In a single note, the Ctrl + H launch the Find / Replace dialog, but it is just in note environment, not in Notebooks themselves. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi there! I noticed a bit strange behaviour: Sometimes the image-thumbnail of the note is somehow bigger than the other ones. I mean, that usualy the thumbnails I can see are squares. But sometimes it is not a square, but rectangle: Have a look at the img below. The thumb I am talking about is the second one from the top. (The dimensions, resoluton, etc. of the images are still the same. I think at least…) Do you have any idea what's the reason of it? I tried Cut > Paste, Paste > Cut, all king of this juggling, but nothing helped. Thank you for any advice guys!
  7. Well, you thing it might be caused by the capturing engine? Interisting idea! But unfortunately, I am an Opera-lover. I am afraid, that there is no appropriate support for this browser... Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hi there, I clipped a page containing a windows-1250 charset {Czech language}. Have a look at the result: This is the sourcepage: And this is the page captured: Do you have any idea how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance for your time!
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