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  1. Thanks for the explanation! Yes, I am using Chrome, on both PC and Mac. Just installed Web Clipper on Safari and the "remarks" field appears there just like in the old days. I'll just add my voice to chorus asking that this be fixed asap. It does indeed completely break my workflow on Chrome!
  2. After installing Evernote v 7.0.3 on April 1, 2018, I noticed that Web Clipper no longer shows the text-entry field to type in a comment below selecting tags (see screen snap attached). I removed and reloaded Web Clipper but that didn't help. This is happening for both Mac and PC versions of Web Clipper. It looks like the text is larger, perhaps pushing the comment field off the bottom of the Clipper dialog box? This would seem to be a major (hopefully accidental) interface change. I'm surprised others haven't reported it here. Or is it just me? Really hoping it wasn't on purpose. Thanks!
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