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Evernote just changed normal text font size from 16 to 15 in my notes. Why?

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I was recently automatically upgraded to version 10.75.2-mac-mas-public (20240209100602), Editor: v176.52.0, Service: v1.91.0

I mainly use Evernote to clip articles from the web using Web Clipper. I noticed this morning that an article I clipped had normal text at 15 points, not 16, which has always been the default. I thought it was something in the text I had clipped, but then I glanced at a few of my more than 6,000 notes, and saw that all my more recent notes were now modified to have normal text at 15, not 16,. I also checked several older notes, and they seemed to still have the 16 normal text size. The other text types (large, medium, small header) don't seem to have been affected.

All my notes had normal text at 16 until this morning. Now, all the normal text coming from Web Clipper seems to come in at 15 points. I find this size too small for my tastes. How do I get my notes back to 16 point normal text?

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Here's another wrinkle on this. For one note that had been converted to 15 pt normal text (per above), I selected a paragraph, changed its font size to 16, and then went up to the "normal text" drop down and selected normal text > update "normal text" to match. I like my notes in Serif font, so that paragraph was in Serif (as was the rest of the note). When I selected "update normal text to match", it turned all the normal text in my note to 16 points, which was good, but it also changed all the normal text in the note to Sans Serif, which was bad. In addition, the font family dropdown still said Serif. And when I tried to select a paragraph (now in Sans Serif) and re-select the Serif font family dropdown to change it back to actual Serif, it didn't change it. So ... bug report. I don't know if this is related to the first problem reported above, the unrequested change in font size.

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I think I see what's going on here. Obviously, I've been dropped into the new UI.

I see from reading that blog post you linked that as part of the upgrade, they added a new default Sans Serif font, one that looks bigger than the old default font. Because it looks bigger, they decreased its default font size from 16 from 15.

Unfortunately, I prefer Serif so have converted most of my notes from Sans Serif to Serif (too bad Settings > Preferences > Notes doesn't allow you to select a default font for new notes, how hard would that be?)

Here's the catch: the new Sans Serif font at 15 pt looks equivalent to the old Sans Serif font at 16 pt, but the Serif font at 15 pt looks significantly smaller than it does at 16 pt. It's smaller, more cramped, and harder to read.

How to fix this? Seems the easiest fix would be to add ability to set (change) default font and font size in Settings > Preferences > Notes.

I guess I'll have to add this in the forum devoted to reactions to the new UI.

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