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  1. Thanks Gazumped but I'm not sure I understand (and want to) what this legacy version entails, I was perfectly happy with previous version which I found and reinstalled. Won't check any update for a loooong while and will preciously keep my safe. Oh goodie lookie, I find an option menu which lets me choose, NOT TO check for udaptes, unchecked -
  2. I've been an enthusiastic EN user since 2012, I'm happy to pay for a product I like and want to support even I don't really need to, but this new features, which have disturbed the way I enjoyed this program (win 10 user, french version), make me totally rethink this relationship - so unless I'm blind, this is what has become really irritating to the point of giving it up - clicking on lower right taskbar icon now opens a note, not the program, no matter how many times I click - I haven't seen any way to change this behavior. I consult more EN than I create notes, ok, i can right click but it's irritating to change something I've used tens of time daily for the last years - no more top bar where I can add shortcuts, really? as if EN gave a lots of options before so users could customize its use for their ergonomic needs. I used only marginally the left menu shortcuts. Now I have to. - this is probably the only software I have when I can't get a decent options/ preferences tab with all the things I can tinker with, it's just not there any longer (Where the heck can I decide if I want EN to launch on windows startup or not?) I'm pushed (or pulled) to the online version of my account, which asks for my password 2 or three times but doesn't give me this option EN problem has always been for me the lack of customization, now they're scaling down users options even more. I'm not game with this trend at all, and unless I have a very buggy version, it smells like sanoraya to me Now, I'll have to look for a previous version that hopefully this new update/ downgrade won't make it impossible to get back to
  3. Oh h_ _ _s yeah! Might download the new version, though I'll still lack the title feature (that you can edit no matter where you are in the note, but that's another subject...)
  4. Seemed there was another upgrade to the windows client, and since I kept a V5 installed on one my PCs I was hoping they'd roll back the favorites/shortcut bar at the top, but no, not this time, as of yet, soon, maybe, I hope. (and the note title bar in V4 is so much more practical for quick editing than the title at the top of a note which disappears as the note gets longer)
  5. ^ ^ not exactly, as I don't mean to be an enemy but you can't put bookmarks on the toolbar yet, there is blank space where you could add elements, but now you can't. Shortcuts and note titles have become really annoying to use and they were SO useful in the previous version. I'm still too lazy to roll back hoping an upgrade will soon solve at least these 2 points.
  6. Oh that's great Jeff, thank you very much Was it in the previous versions? If so, next update, I hope they won't change the users' current settings I'll still roll back to the previous version because I find it much more practical to have them on the top (the limited space for them was a blessing, as it forced me to put only my most used files and avoid clutter, but I wouldn't mind to have a bit longer or more customizable shortcuts bar in the future.)
  7. Interesting, because the sync works now in the "shortcuts left panel" and it totally destroyed what I had carefully setup as as shortcuts among my different locations, and I certainly don't want them to sync - because my home shortcuts are totally different from my work shortcuts, but i totally understand people would find this convenient. So when upgrading this feature, I beg EN staff to please let users have the choice to sync or not the shortcuts, or make sure to poll them to decide or not to sync them!
  8. thanks! 1 and 3- I'll give this info if the french support ever gets back to me... (radio silence for the last 2 days) 2- are you sure about the school discount? 50% discount it still is part of the faq (at least in the french area, very hard to remain on the international /english part of the site even i try to tweak the url) - on my end I was hesitating to put all my staff on EN, but with this type of discount, I would have done it still here http://evernote.com/intl/fr/premium/groups/ and there http://evernote.com/intl/fr/premium/groups/education.php Est-ce qu'Evernote offre des réductions pour les établissements d'enseignement ou à but non lucratif ?Oui. Pour ces deux communautés d'utilisateurs, nous nous sommes engagés à rendre Evernote disponible avec une remise significative pour ces institutions. Les groupes sponsorisés payés par les établissements d'enseignement ou à but non lucratif sont éligibles à une réduction de 50% sur le prix mensuel normal d'un abonnement premium. Veuillez cocher la case appropriée en rentrant les informations de paiement. La réduction sera appliquée après vérification. I'll rewrite my question about win phone 8 a the appropriate area when i have some time, since it's much easier around here to get answers - thx again
  9. hi there, where is the complaint form nowadays? I can't find this option, but in the get help I just put "complaint" in the subject line and copied the following: Because of the time spent for nothing with (french) support and the annoyance i wil briefly describe my troubles here. But I don't want to complain, I want help. I asked for support on March 23, I got - empty answers (twice) and now they ask me what is the problem with their empty messages, they don't understand the pictures I sent (which are actually the support messages I received to my questions... turning in circles makes me dizzy) - nothing resolved one business folder has synch issue on 1 PC onlyquestion related to EN windows 8 phone (a suggestion more like)as a non profit business, I discovered i should/could pay half for users monthly payment, I asked how to get this benefitand a suggestion/ questions why before support answers arrived directly to my EN, and not anymoreIt's all in french, it's all here, I spent many hours trying to explain I sent back requests, used the complaint form (which seems to have disappeared) and now i don't really know what to do - help appreciated, i will rewrite everything again in english if need be - please answer by PM i don't mean to pollute, you can delete this, i just want "premium" help, please, i need to advance on this topic as i want to put more staff on EN... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s260/sh/336a6814-f014-45a0-97af-2423c47eed34/54d817c97226f2f2d88ffb26e202c87e?noteKey=54d817c97226f2f2d88ffb26e202c87e&noteGuid=336a6814-f014-45a0-97af-2423c47eed34
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