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  1. Oh h_ _ _s yeah! Might download the new version, though I'll still lack the title feature (that you can edit no matter where you are in the note, but that's another subject...)
  2. Since the disappearance of the shortcut bar and the way the title note has evolved, I have avoided the newest version of EN and have kept older versions, hoping one day you will fix these two features that I find extremely useful. I still have one up-to-date version on a PC, and I put my wife on it lately as a new user (and forgot to sponsor her or whatever you might have of this fashion) I realized that in this version, there is also a feature missing which I found very strange: there doesn't seem to be a way to know in a quick glance what is the default notebook. My other versions show a small arrow, some visual cue, which, when missing, is very inconvenient. It's probably been discussed somewhere else (couldn't find it), and I think it would be good to bring this back.
  3. Seemed there was another upgrade to the windows client, and since I kept a V5 installed on one my PCs I was hoping they'd roll back the favorites/shortcut bar at the top, but no, not this time, as of yet, soon, maybe, I hope. (and the note title bar in V4 is so much more practical for quick editing than the title at the top of a note which disappears as the note gets longer)
  4. Ok, I think I'm done & solved, my problem with the business was due to the fact that "the account was turned off and back on. When you reshared the notebooks the default should have been to share with edit permissions. I am not sure what happened that they did not share that way. " the fix consisted in "leaving the notebook then share the notebook from the Admin Tool in the Manage Notebook section."
  5. sounds good! - though my problems are not over, I just found out that although I got my business notebooks back, I'm locked out of them, I can't edit, add, create anything, and online there's a padlock without further explanation - so the quest is still on - I've been updating here as it could be helpful as a "end of cycle/ getting premium and business back/ how to prevent troubles when reinstating accounts and so on"
  6. Done - at last - a bit overly complicated I thought, but everything's back to normal (except the date) - thanks again
  7. Another issue/ bug, at home, this Saturday I just got a message, a reminder about my premium actually "that will end on january 20, 2014, please renew or it will stop" but the support person explained to me that as a business user, I have premium status. Extracts: Since you do not need to pay for Evernote Premium when you are an Evernote Business customer, we sent you a gift code for a year upgrade to Evernote Premium. I have generated a new gift code: xxxx You can gift this code to someone, or save to redeem for a year of Evernote Premium if you ever decide to downgrade from Evernote Business I understand I don't need to use this code if I'm business customer, which I am. A bit confused here
  8. In my case I want to insist just a little bit as that is technically incorrect: I was premium and should have stayed so if EN hadn't cancelled it a day in advance. I had planned to fix the credit card issue the last day of my premium (not for savings, just the way events and planning turned up) and couldn't do it due to EN. It's not very important but somehow psychologically it is, as EN as become a major tool for me, that makes me feel... downgraded a bit, I have been premium since 2013, not 2014. BTW, why don't you send reminders before the end of the premium? I understand from the support person that business takes somehow precedence over premium, giving you all the benefits of the premium and more, but she also mentions they are two accounts so it got me confused a bit, (apparently I should also have received a link giving me premium for the duration of the business account which I didn't get, but will get soon as I have someone to take care of me...) I received a lot of reminders about the problem of business payment, which somehow led me to check on my premium and realize I was going to have a problem with it too, but I don't think there was one single reminder about the near-end of my premium account. (and I had also never heard about chivvy - thanks Martin)
  9. Ok, I'm back with business, now I'm making sure with a support person my premium is back on track and that I have been a member since Jan. 2013, not just this year Thanks again for the support & follow-up -
  10. Ok, thanks, and I checked with the bank, card is fine now and it may be charged anytime - However I can't get business back, this is the message I have: You are an admin of the xxxxx Evernote Business account, which has been deactivated. To reactivate this account, contact Evernote Customer Support. If you continue, you will be removed from xxx and added to your new business. My experience with the french speaking customer support for business has been so bad I ended up cancelling all my staff's account except mine last year, so I will give it another try... but any help on your end would be appreciated, just want to update the payment with the new card that I introduced last Friday (same one as the one used for premium). Thank you
  11. Side issue, I opened a ticket about this on http://evernote.com/intl/fr/contact/support/ and I never got a confirmation, so 3 hours later, I opened another ticket to tell them about this issue of no confirmation, I did immediately receive a confirmation, so I sent the first request again, but again no email confirmation, though it says I would get one... Le ticket d'assistance #306418 vous a été attribué. Une confirmation comprenant ce numéro vous a été envoyée par e-mail. I guess by the time they read this, I will really be un-premiumed. Oh well.
  12. Hi there, I'm supposed to be a premium user until 01/14/14, which is tomorrow, unless I'm mistaken.So why Evernote won't recognize me as premium? I have an issue apparently with a card for the business account which I'd happily try to resolve, but now both of these accounts have been nulled, the email I received today (and the previous days) haven't mentioned any premium issue (I had no warning about the premium expiration I just found out today when I wanted to inquire about the business issue). However this morning email informed me my business account had been deactivated and told me to email a specific address if I thought there was a mistake, which I did, but actually I received a few second later an automated reply "We're sorry, we weren't able to file your request. (demande #306091)" and the message asked me to look for help, premium users getting faster help but I'm no longer premium user (though I should be) anyone could contact me? I'm sure it's just a question of my company card update (which I changed last Friday) At least put me back on premium until tonight, please? Thanks
  13. I was excited by an upgrade, but still: - note title disappears when scrolling a note, - shortcuts bar still missing, >>> at last took time to reinstall 4.6.7. (8409) and I'm happy again
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