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  1. It's very annoying when the Evernote CEO and Mr. Designer try to fool you, by basically only sharing their perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nggD3PMO0EM Who uses 5 devices with different operating systems? This is presented as the major problem that had to be solved. Most use 1 device the most by far and occasionally watch through another device (no problem there). The fact that the user interface had to become more uniform was a problem for the manufacturer, not the user !! Everyone understands that this is a problem, but predominantly for the manufacturer! That great sacrifices had
  2. I went back to version 7 to escape this disaster, as long as it continues to work I will remain a premium user, if not I will be gone after 12 years ... sad
  3. This post is liked by .... evernote employees ...
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