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  1. After giving evernote the benefit of the doubt one last time in december '20, I'm done with it. New frustrations and problems every time. Missing features of which is unclear whether they'll be back, etc. Most importantly, they've made Evernote a new juggernaut with a cluttered interface that doesn't help you find everything you're looking for quickly. They just don't seem to get it at Evernote. Have you ever heard of Ironic Leap? Simple, intuitive, find what you're looking for quickly. And yes, I am one of the 5% (according to the CEO) crazy people who use tags very intensively. Tags for apple notes are coming and I like Bear's very simple interface much better. After 13 years of evernote use of which many years as a premium user .... it is goodbye evernote ...
  2. It's very annoying when the Evernote CEO and Mr. Designer try to fool you, by basically only sharing their perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nggD3PMO0EM Who uses 5 devices with different operating systems? This is presented as the major problem that had to be solved. Most use 1 device the most by far and occasionally watch through another device (no problem there). The fact that the user interface had to become more uniform was a problem for the manufacturer, not the user !! Everyone understands that this is a problem, but predominantly for the manufacturer! That great sacrifices had to be made from the user perspective for this is unforgivable to be honest. Make sure you only release something when it's all right and not a pale shadow of what I am used to as a user. But the worst part is that the gentlemen in their 'discussion' state for everything that is experienced as a problem that it only concerns 'a small percentage of the users' (tags for example) and that only that group finds it annoying that the tags were moved to the bottom. Everything that is a problem is made small and Mr. Designer goes to 'Polishing' as second step when the number of missing or poorly implemented functions is still enormous. After 12 years as a daily premium user and over 12000 notes, I am about to say goodbye to Evernote. I can endure too little too late, because I can still use the old app, but that they try to justify the fact that they are offending the most loyal users with a badly defective product is unacceptable.
  3. I went back to version 7 to escape this disaster, as long as it continues to work I will remain a premium user, if not I will be gone after 12 years ... sad
  4. This post is liked by .... evernote employees ...
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