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  1. I will definitely abandon Evernote all together.
  2. This post is liked by .... evernote employees ...
  3. Thanks a lot. I'm trying cilantro now and it looks promising. Sorry for the boys at pistach.io. I liked it, but 90 bucks a year is a bit steep for the service and especially the way I use it.
  4. OK it is an old post te reply to. But I totally agree with 'having a tagcloud display possibility would be a major feature'. Now I am going back and forth between evernote and diigo for saving webcontent. The only thing diigo is drawing me to it, is the tagcloud. So much more userfriendly, so much more oversite just by seeing tags in different sizes expressing the frequency the tag is used. This in combination with de deductive adding of tags to the search result, effectively narrowing down the search results Evernote already has ... would finally render diigo obsolete for me and would make me only use evernote. And yes I am a premium user. What about it Evernote-team? Is there a chance you'll deliver this anytime soon?
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