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  1. Thanks Pink, just a shame I have to wait until June. Time will fly by I am sure 👍
  2. Lots of credit to the Support Ticket team, they responded within hours, initially suggested: To upgrade your Evernote account to Premium through iTunes, take the following steps: Log into Evernote on your iOS device. From the “All Notes” page, tap the Account icon (the person icon in the menu bar). On the following page, tap View Upgrade Options. On the “Evernote Premium” description page, tap the desired payment frequency space at the bottom of the page. On the “Subscription Details” page, read the payment details and tap Continue. On the popup sliding up from the bottom of the page, select Confirm. Enter the password for your Apple ID and select Sign In. This didnt work for me, and it appears my downfall is paying annually for Evernote Plus through Apple "Since you are subscribed to Evernote Plus through iTunes, we will need to wait for your account to downgrade to basic first which is on June 18, 2021 (based on the screenshot), before you can subscribe to Evernote Premium." So I would say this is resolved, but not particularly satisfactorily, pretty disappointed to be honest 🤷‍♂️ NB Evernote Plus is a legacy product which as I was paying each year kept rolling over.
  3. Arr, I have found your previous post mentioning to cancel your subscription first, is there any consequence to this and then renewing again straight away?
  4. Many thanks for the suggested route, unfortunately the only option shown is to cancel my subscription. I have clicked through the Upgrade button but am not getting any further. I will submit a ticket. Once again thank you for your time in looking into this for me 👍
  5. So, having invested a lot of my time with Evernote I want to expand my usage, but how do I upgrade? Made my decision and not looking to debate value for money, post version 10 issues. lots of buttons to click though to the current offer, all just hang and take me nowhere, this is from a Chrome browser on a desktop and also from within the app on iOS. currently pay annually via iTunes with my current subscription ending in June 2021, so how do I get from Plus to Premium for the rest of current subscription? Happy to start a new subscription but again how? what are the options? Never had so much aggravation to spend money Thanks in advance for any help. Keep safe all
  6. Ditto as per gazumped, Gmail is working for me in a timely manor with manual forwarding and also with Filters auto forwarding my Evernote Inbox.
  7. +1 on shame not applicable for US non-residents, but happy to share... My Dashboard is within Evernote and I use Filterize. I capture as much as I can into Evernote, be it handwritten notes, scans, emails, receipts - they all go into my Inbox for processing. I apply tags as part of my routine to clear out the Inbox - Filterize then sorts my notes into the various cells on my Dashboard Table. I check the dashboard daily and then use it for my weekly review. If I have a busy schedule I just copy and paste my Agenda into the Todays Schedule Cell. The dashboard is available on all my devices as a shortcut. I tend to do most of my processing on laptop.
  8. +1 for Filterize, been using it for a few months and it is providing a lot of automation such as auto tagging, auto moving notes to specified notebooks, its the auto updating Table of Contents that is proving essential for my productivity These types of automation would be so useful if in-bedded within Evernote, Trello have just brought in Butler, its automating service, dont get left behind on this Evernote...know you are busy
  9. +1 for Filterize Been using it for a couple of weeks and already it is automating a lot of my tagging and moving of notes directly into notebooks
  10. +1 for this. Currently processing my default notebook my "Inbox" and it is taking a lot longer without the ability to quickly move notes, I too clicked the name of the Notebook thinking I could easily move the note. Using the current method if it stays, would be easier if you could type the first few letters of the notebook you are looking for and it would bring up the list, similar to the Tag function.
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