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  1. I agree. This is a huge problem. What were they thinking when they dropped the ability to tag clippings?
  2. I don't use notebooks to organize my Evernote notes, since a fair number of notes apply to more than one subject and I don't like thinking about how to file a note as I am clipping it or writing it. Instead, I tag everything. However, some integrations depend on notebooks (for example, "Import Notes from Evernote" in Devonthink wants to know what Notebook to import). So I'd like to have note that has a given tag placed automatically into an "Export to DT" notebook. I see it's possible to do this in the other direction -- to automatically tag a note if it is put into a particular notebook. I want to reverse that -- tagging first and counting on EN to put the note in a designated notebook. Is this possible? David PS I realize I could just create an auto-tagging notebook for this one tag, but that isn't what I want to do. It would create an exception to how I work with notes and thus cause extra effort and trouble.
  3. A few experiments reveal that this seems to be a Firefox-only problem. Clipper works fine in Safari on the sites that choke it in Firefox. Wonder what is up....
  4. The web clipper is suddenly failing to clip news sites that worked perfectly well until this week. The New York Times, the Washington Post and others get no response or -- in one instance -- an error message "Due to restrictions in the browser, you cannot clip this page" after repeated instances of telling me I had to re-load the page to clip. In all instances, I am a subscriber to the news source in question, so the pages were not constrained by limits on free articles or anything like that. What has gone wrong with the Web Clipper this week? Using latest version of Firefox on a Macbook Pro with latest version of Mojave
  5. I tweeted at Evernote about this a while back and got back this: <<Thank you for the screenshot! I've confirmed with our team that we're looking into different options for the '+' button, so the audio button may be unavailable for some users. You should be able to add audio files from inside a note. I'll be sure to pass your feedback along! /AT>> IOW instead of giving us a choice in settings EN is just arbitrarily switching around the options, and it's a lottery whether you get the ones you want. That's a lousy way to treat users.
  6. Thought of doing that but figure it will be a pain for Evernote to resync with my phone. Still, if that's the only way... Seems weird though that you have both pictures and camera but no 'reminder'
  7. Well, Evernote microphone access is enabled and it is possible for me to make an audio note in EN. It's just the shortcut that has died. But without that shortcut, creating audio is a three-step process, effectively killing the functionality. If I can stop and jump through those hoops, I might as well type. Curious that you aren't having this issue. On my iPhone 6, iOS 11.1.3, Evernote is up to date -- last update was yesterday.
  8. Wow, that's odd. Are you on iOS 11.1.2 (the latest)? I have checked and the three buttons I see all do what they say they will do. Photos asks for access to photos, camera activates the camera and reminder brings up a screen to create a reminder. I wonder if the system upgrade reset a setting that EN needs to access the mike? Microphone setting has permission for EN activated. Also, it IS possible for me to create an audio note. I just lack this crucial shortcut.
  9. Sorry, I don't know how to get an image to appear directly in my reply. But my point was, what I see is not what you see. On long-press on my iPhone 6 I don't have an audio option. Don't have an iPad so I can't test on my end.
  10. Interesting! Maybe the iPad app is different? Or maybe there is some setting I can adjust to see what you see? Because what I see is this: Untitled.pdf
  11. When I don't have the ability to type into my phone in the moment, I will record a spoken note. So I really valued being able to long-press the big green plus sign in order to get the audio option. But in this latest version of Evernote, when I long-press the plus, I get only "Reminder," "Camera" and "Photo" icons as options. Now, to create audio in Evernote I have to (a) press the plus for a new note (b) press the carat that makes my keyboard disappear and (c) find the microphone symbol and press that. This rigamarole cancels out the purpose of making an audio note in a rush. I just hate it, because it's caused me to lose notes I wanted to make. So, two questions: (a) Is there a way to personalize the interface so I can get the microphone as an option on long-press? and (b) who thought this was a good idea to change? I have no use for the camera, photo, or reminder options but I used the audio option several times a week! David
  12. I agree too. Having links summon the browser instead of the Evernote app is a huge pain for me.
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