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  1. The same thing happens to me, @Jefe99. It doesn't happen with PDF files, though, only Microsoft Office-created files (Word docs and Excel spreadsheets). And yes, it does make the import folders useless. And this is the only discussion I've seen about it online.
  2. I just had to move to a new computer, and installed both Evernote desktop and the Evernote web clippers (for Chrome and Firefox), and even the green links in my notes are opening in the default web browser. I reverted to an older (2019) version of the web clipper, but that didn't help. This is happening with both notes created using the web clipper and notes I created myself. How do I get internal links created over the past ten years in the desktop app (that all begin with https://www.evernote.com/shard) to open in the desktop app??
  3. I have the same issue. I rely heavily on the import folders feature. This seems like a fairly basic, essential function. Why on earth would Evernote not include it? And why wouldn't they put a warning front and center that import folder links would be broken if we upgraded? I'll need to go back to the old version until this is fixed.
  4. i don't want a separate tagging system. I want the notes to be removed from my main interface by default and placed in a separate "archive" space that is only searchable from within that separate space. Right now, I have over 26,000 notes. I use Evernote to store almost everything -- research materials, receipts, recipes, interesting articles, notes, client projects, pictures of artwork, travel itineraries with printouts of web pages regarding places to go and things to see, tax returns and supporting documentation, continuing education materials and notes, seminar papers and notes, etc. If I do a word search within the notes, I frequently get hundreds of notes that match the criteria for which I've searched. If the system allowed me to archive notes (not simply tag them as "Archived" and then have to remember to exclude them), the search results would be much more manageable. I've also found that Evernote frequently has problems syncing or the database is more prone to becoming corrupted where users have a larger number of notes stored in the database. The only ways to remove old notes from the main, active workspace is to delete them altogether (which is not what I'm looking for) or to export them into a separate Evernote database file. If I use the export option (which is currently the only way to archive files), I have to browse to that exported file, import it into Evernote, search for the information I need, then find and re-export the notes after I'm finished. That process is entirely too cumbersome to be terribly useful except with notes I'm relatively sure I won't need to access again. What I'm looking for is something similar to Outlook's archive files, where I can move emails into an archive file (or multiple archive files), the emails no longer show up in searches of my in box, but the archive folders are easily accessible (and searchable) from within Outlook by simply clicking on them in the list of archive folders.
  5. As an EN power user for a number of years now, I've got over 27,000 notes. I would LOVE an archive feature! Exporting older notes to an external database folder (and deleting them from EN) works, but it's cumbersome, especially when you want to add more notes to the archive. I just end up with multiple archive files, and there have been times when I had to import two or three of them back into Evernote to find the note(s) I was looking for. A true archive feature would be invaluable for those of us who use EN as both a working file cabinet, time management tool (GTD), and long-term reference storage.
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