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  1. Follow up on my frustration - and ownership at EVERNOTE :WAKE UP!! Believe it or not, this issue was the straw that caused me to do a major review of our knowledge base system used in house a couple weeks ago (we are on business and have several users in the same notebooks, I have about 200 shared business notebooks, 1600 notes). That reminds me, the other thing that pissed me off recently is the link to see all business note books (like not on my list) got hidden in the search menu for notebooks. Thank you so much for that, I guess that helps promote spaces? Really? So after some very careful and long hours searching and reading and evaluating we found another product that makes evernote looks like it's from the dark ages or DOS era, and for our company size we got more users for way less. I'm flabbergasted at how far ahead it is or how far evernote is not now that I have seen something better. Evernote has been amazing and got us this far, but it hasn't improved much over the years and I keep banging my head on its feature ceiling and I feel like they are stuck in the mud. There are a couple products out there that are really pulling away fast for knowledge bases (they already have strong lead). Our new product is like a fantasy product and although I will always have a fondness for Evernote, I'm hoping I'm not going to miss it much - if someone thinks of something I'm going to miss, ill be impressed. -Sorry Evernote, you really do need to wake up and move fast or I fear you will fall into the history books as another product that was king for innovation but lost it's way like a BlackBerry. You have got some serous issues with product advancement and your not paying attention. By the way, does evernote not have an official feature request page or they just use forms and kinda never read them?
  2. I'm going to join in here and say wath a huge step backwards. Evernote has now switched to wasting time in my day instead of saving it. scrolling a note is very hard, it keeps scrolling the pdf. Why????? long process to copy I don't want to make my pdf files look like attachments to move them around it was one click to open, now its a right and a left... can't annotate.... It was almost perfect before, please put it back. This is really dumb evernote....you must have made a mistake.
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