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  1. @s2sailor - The Windows version does not have live updating right now. @WSConsulting - In regards to title, Presentation mode will always try and use the note title as the "title screen", however there are cases where this might not be the only thing displayed. For example web clips do not follow this behavior. They try and present the entire note. The easiest way to ensure a regular note (not a web clip, Skitch note, or some other third party created notes) have a "title screen" is make sure the note has the title set and you add a horizontal rule as the first thing in the note. As for your second point the challenge we have is we're not sure what your intent is when you have the HRs in place. By letting you be explicit and set the HR at the top to clearly call out that the title is a title, this makes it easy to understand your intent. Think of it like adding a "Title Slide" to a presentation, you don't have to do it, but clearly doing so ensures you've got a Title Slide.
  2. Skitch iOS 3.1.1 has been released! It has been a long road to get here, with 3.1.1 starting as just a bug release and after multiple submissions and re-work turned into a lot more. Just a quick run down of what you'll find in 3.1.1: * New sharing experience - A whole new UI is in place that gives you immediate access to saving to Evernote, local photos, Facebook, etc * Frequents - If you share more than distinct times a Frequents tab will appear which will let you share even faster. * Auto save to Photos - There's a setting which you automatically save a copy when you share and/or prompt you when you discard. * Background sharing - If you exit before you share completes Skitch will still try and complete the share and send you a local notification when it does. * New wrapping text - Text now wraps when you get near the edges and you can adjust the wrap point. * PDF Unlock - You can now purchase the PDF functionality directly. * Lots of little changes to glyphs, text, and more functions (I could write a novella). * Lots of bug fixes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skitch-snap.-mark-up.-send./id490505997?mt=8
  3. Hello everyone! Late yesterday we published Skitch Mac 2.7.2 to our website for direct download and enabled auto-update for all previous direct download users. If you are a Mac App Store user this version has been submitted and we're waiting for their approval. This is a small-ish update that addresses some key bugs and adds some minor features, but does set us up for some some more future work. Things changed in this version include: Fixes for naming issues when submitting via FTPFixes for some crash casesFixes to address screen capture when multiple monitors are activeFix to a bug which were blocking some sharing services if you are not logged in (you should be able to use all non-Evernote specific services to share from the share menu now)Updated the annotation engine which has enabled PDF page rotation and deletionAnd a whole bunch of other bugs have been fixed.
  4. After you use Presentation Mode please take a few moments to fill out this short survey: http://s.evernote.com/pmodesurvey
  5. You can find these options under File-> Page Setup. From there you can choose orientation, scale, and other options.
  6. @Bikernz - I'm going to have one of our QA folks reach out to you because you should not be having that many problems with saving. They may need some details from you in regards to your phone, OS version, and data from Skitch.
  7. @humanengr - What's the use case for doing this? Why would you want to export the text from an annotated image?
  8. Stefan - You can hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a highlight and it will be straight.
  9. If you are trying to shutdown and Skitch is active it will attempt to save any data that is outstanding and do a final sync. This is to ensure no data is lost.
  10. @Southdowns, I wasn't be discourteous to you, I've been busy with our releases for the end of the year. Things got a little hectic. I've read your posts and others, but had to juggle what I could jump into. I'm going to drop you a PM right now with further comments offline.
  11. Hey all thanks for your opinions. It's true emoticons are not necessarily for everyone. We wanted to put something in that was a little fun to end 2013 and start 2014. So far, the response from a usage standpoint has been quite good. In fact the emoticons have taken over as the top stamps being placed. The emoticons aside this version also brought the ability to select between having an annotation during camera snap or not, which was a highly requested feature for iOS. We also crushed 28 outstanding bugs, rebuilt a chunk of the code, and improved the share experience. We sprinkled in a little bit of fun with a lot of serious work to close out the year. As for new features, we're working on some more, but I can tell you that we've put many of the requests on the back burner while we dig deep into addressing lingering bugs (we started with that 28). So in the next few releases you're going to see fewer features and more bug fixes, stability/speed improvements, and iterations on existing features.
  12. Hi everyone! Skitch iOS 3.1 has been released and should be making its way into the iOS App Store. Time to propagate varies by region so keep checking is auto-update doesn't install the new version. Skitch iOS 3.1 brings the following to the app: Select between Arrow/Shape/or Nothing while on the camera mode. There's a new button on the camera (next to the shutter button) that lets you toggle between the three.New share again screen. After you do an initial share you will be prompted to share again, re-annotate, or start new. This will make it easier to tell when your share has completed and make it clearer what to do next.New emoticon stamps. We wanted to try out something fun and put together some cool emoticon stamps. They function just like normal stamps, but with some flare. Let us know what you think of these new stamps.Bug fixes - Lots more bugs were squashed.
  13. Hey everyone! Skitch Mac 2.7.1 is now live in the Mac App Store and on Evernote's website (http://evernote.com/skitch) and for those who have previously downloaded as an Auto-Update. This is mostly a maintenance release, but it also includes: High resolution images (144 dpi) are now labeled "Hi-res" on the bottom barFor all Retina users you'll be able to now tell when you're viewing a Retina image (or any high res image)We've also added the option to export hi-res images at low resolution (50%)Again for Retina users you can now export as a lower resolution (Non-Retina) in order to reduce file size. Skitch now remembers your tool, color and size choicesBug fixes and miscellaneous improvements EDITED: To add released on the Mac App Store.
  14. Hey everyone! We just released Skitch iOS 3.0.5. This new version includes the following: A return of PDF reading and annotating The trial is not back yet. We're rethinking that and how to best present it. PDF annotating requires an Evernote Premium account, but reading is free A return of web capture - We've cleaned up the UI but it is now just as convenient as before. So you can now do a screenshot from Safari and open via the Image Picker, or you can use the built in browser and capture tool. Improved Crop mode. We've made some tweaks. Miscellaneous bug, speed, and stability improvements. Couple of bonus pro tips for you: Import from the clipboard - If you copy an image to your clipboard (provided it is a JPG or PNG) it will show up as the first time in the Image Picker. When using the dots to change tool, color, or size you can drag your thumb instead of tapping. This is really cool when you have a selected object and want to rapidly adjust size/color to find the best option. "Send to" under sharing lets you send your image to any app on your phone that accepts an image. Use "Send to" to share your image with Instagram, Dropbox, WeChat, or any other app. Also attached are some bonus goodies for you.
  15. @MS Sorry for the late reply. Craziness with the US holiday. I'll pass this along to our QA engineers to look at. When you used it before where you running on a Retina display? Retina images are much bigger in reality then what you see on the screen. There are far more pixels and the image is much larger which often catches people by surprise when they send to a non-Retina device. It's also possible that an update to Outlook broke whatever sizing behavior they had before. We'll investigate but not sure what we'll be able to do as we hand off any drag me data to the OS which in turn passes the PNG over to Outlook and in that process the OS or Outlook can introduce their own behaviors.
  16. For users of our direct download version of Skitch we have posted a 2.7.1 beta which Skitch should download if you have it set to auto-update to betas. This beta contains a number of bug fixes for Skitch Mac. There are no new significant features, but fixes to screen capture, tools, and stability/performance improvements. Please give it a try and post any feedback. Thanks.
  17. @Mahemoff - Do you have the "Sync->Save New Skitch Notes to Evernote" preference set to "Ask"? If so then Skitch is behaving appropriately. It is asking you what you want to do with the file. If you have it set to Auto (Skitch will always save) or Manual (You'll need to manually save) then you won't get prompted.
  18. @crankygeologist - I reported your issue to our CS group so they can follow up with you and try to resolve your bug.
  19. For the folks who are seeing a bouncing icon have you tried restarting your Mac? Another user was seeing the same issue (see thread here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46738-skitch-is-not-open-but-icon-wont-stop-bouncing-in-the-dock/) and a simple restart made the problem go away. Skitch doesn't do anything that would require your attention, unless you're syncing with Evernote while simultaneously quitting in which case it prompts you to let it finish. This could be an issue with OS X due to the new way they do auto-upgrades and check.
  20. @frpeter - This is not exactly the case. The output of the file from Skitch into a 3rd party app is dependent upon two factors: 1) What you have set as the dropdown export option in Skitch. Look at the dropdown next to the file name. If this is set to PNG, then Skitch will attempt to copy and paste to the clipboard a PNG. 2) What application you're copying and pasting into. Some apps will auto-convert into their own format, and others won't. For example If you go to Skitch, set the dropdown to PNG, and then Copy & Paste into Preview you can see from the image information that it is a PNG. Change the drop down to TIFF and repeat and you'll see it's a TIFF.If you were to repeat the same process and copy into Pixelmator, you would see that Pixelmator says the file type is Pixelmator (their own), and not either a PNG or a TIFF (unless you Save as). So my first suggestion would be to change the drop down and do a copy and paste and see if that results in what you want. Second suggestion would be to use the Drag Me function with the appropriate filetype selected in the dropdown. That should work with most apps, but again the app may attempt to change the file type. On a side note you can indeed drag and drop into the Evernote Quick Note status bar icon, but you do need to make sure you don't have any other app interfering (ex: Unclutter). Simply click on the Drag Me tab and hold for a second for while OS X converts the image into a file (you'll see the image turn into a file with the "+" sign showing). Now drag that file and drop it on the elephant head. Click on Quick Note and there's your image.
  21. @froboy - We are aware of the bug and working on a fix. The simple work around is to enable "Show advanced options after a screen snap" and when you do a timed shot on a second screen the tools will show and you can click on the clock to start the timed shot. Right now on the second monitor Skitch is treating that as a region capture instead of a timed.
  22. We were just able to make it happen with some very aggressive tapping and rotation. Unfortunately we've only been able to make it happen one time. Were you tapping a lot on the screen while rotating?
  23. Jordy, Thanks for sending this in. We haven't seen this in any testing. Have you tried restarting your phone after the update? Might be a weird update issue. And all you did was change focus several times?
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