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  1. Seven months later and no fix yet. Yes, Evernote for Android used to highlight text within images after a search operation. But now it doesn't. What will it take for Evernote team to bring back this feature or even get a half decent response from them?
  2. I had raised this issue several months ago. It used to highlight text on older versions of Android. Then suddenly one day Evernote decided 'let's get away with this super useful feature'. When I raised this issue, some die hard Evernote fan simply declined to believe that this was even a feature. Since I'm a long time user and my memory isn't that bad I do recall Evernote for android had this useful feature but somehow decided we didn't deserve this. However Evernote for Mac and Evernote Web retains this feature.
  3. It used to work on Evernote for Android in the earlier versions hence I said it is a bug or has been removed in recent versions. I have been using EV for searching text within images. It used to highlight on Evernote for Android and was a really useful feature if you have multiple images in a single note.
  4. I save a lot of images with text in my Evernote to find them later by searching for text. Sometimes I save multiple images in one note. In earlier versions of Evernote for Android it would highlight the text search within images but now it no longer does. Let me explain further by attaching images below. The image with highlight is Evernote on iOS that successfully highlights, the other image without highlights is Evernote on Android.
  5. Anyone having crashes after the 8.11 update? Do I have to clean install the App for it to work properly?
  6. 5 years 1 month and 11 days later this is still a feature request Evernote hasn't added to its Android App. Whole the iOS App has an auto-title feature when will Android users be blessed with it?
  7. Clipping issue after 8.11 update? It has been 6 mins since I clipped a note and my All notes Home Screen is stuck at 'Processing...'. does clipping articles work fine for everyone after the 8.11 Update?
  8. Just received the 8.11 Update. Note opens without any delay. Some things I wish that were fixed 1. Searching text within images fails to highlight in results 2. Opening old notes with images takes too long 3. Saving notes is a two step process. On iPhone Evernote you have tap just once to Save note and go back to All notes home screen. 4. Auto title first line of the note is a long pending feature request for Android Evernote which has long been existing on iPhone Evernote 20190627_105219.mp4
  9. 3 Major issues to Hit Evernote Android and response times : #1 Failing to Clip articles - 1-2 months #2 Broken Search function - 2 months #3 Failing to open notes/Delay in opening existing and new notes - Yet to fix
  10. Evernote comes pre-installed on some phones and cannot be uninstalled. It can only be rolled back to the version it was installed by the manufacturer
  11. I raised the very same issue on May 15, 2019 but it was dismissed by an EV loyalist. Here's the thread :
  12. Before the templates thing was introduced, the New Note dialog took just 2 seconds to open up. For someone who takes frequent notes every few hours, I find i4 to 5 seconds is too long
  13. After Templates were Introduced I observed excessive lag when trying to create a new Note. It takes 5-6 seconds for a New Note to load up. 2019_05_15_13_24_36.mp4 Video below
  14. Search function doesn't work like it used to. For example, search for 'Alphabet Inc' yeilded results from within newspaper clippings (images) saved to my Evernote but fails to highlight the text. On my Mac it does
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