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  1. It looks like Evernote has finally added the feature to Auto-title notes using the first line for iOS Evernote users but Android users who have been asking for this feature like forever are neglected. Why? Several thousands of my notes are an 'Untitled Note' mess.
  2. The same article clipped just now on my S7 using Chrome browser version 65.0.3325.109 Clipped the same using Firefox browser version 58.0.2
  3. Evernote did not have problem clipping from the same site last year. Screenshot below
  4. This has happened once with me. It was about a month back and I reported it here in the forum. Since then I take important notes in another note taking app that has auto-save feature. I'm on Samsung S7 Exynos Evernote 7.17.1 version.
  5. I'm on 7.17.1 Evernote version on S7 Exynos. Clipping doesn't work at all The latest version is supposed to have fixed clip formatting but 15 mins later, the link is clipped but it shows as follows.
  6. Is it possible to prevent Evernote App to clip a page that is already clipped? A rival app does have this feature and I hope Evernote can add this useful function to prevent multiple clippings of the same page
  7. Another update just arrived on Google play store and surprise IT HAS FIXED NOTHING! I clipped a webpage both on Ev and Pocket. Results below Evernote Pocket
  8. You have got to fix it. See the article clipped before the functionality was broken and after the recent so called fix BEFORE THE CLIPPING FUNCTION BROKE AFTER THE RECENT SO CALLED FIX
  9. this issue has been around for a long time.. I found this post from 2016
  10. clipping functionality is broken. I clipped an article I was reading to Evernote and to pocket. See the difference
  11. I GIVE UP ON EVERNOTE CLIPPER! Here's why.... It took me 29 seconds to clip this link on Chrome browser on Mac and just 1.49 seconds on Pocket. I have been a user since 2009. I have no idea how to transfer thousands of clipped bookmarks from EV to another service but I regret choosing EV. I am a premium customer and this is very disappointing.
  12. Evernote on iOS got this feature in the latest update. Looks like Evernote doesn't give the same attention to its Android app
  13. Hello My Evernote app crashes frequently. I'm on MiA1 running Oreo. Crashes occur when I try to save a note. Never had such crashes before. This is a first.
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