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  1. @Dave-in-Decatur The UX does suck, and @gazumped EN didn't ruin my day, nor the last 13 years. It's been a very helpful tool - but the organizational failings in UI/UX design are glaringly obvious throughout the entire period, 2009 onwards, and I'll stick with my own judgment on that. Enough so that Evernote's failings, and many apps like it, were a primary motivation I began to learn design and software development 9 years ago. It's not a Windows shortcoming (v10 BTW). As mentioned, I just upgraded EN from the "classic" version, which did indeed still give me hotkey + single-click full-screen clips, on any single one of my multi-monitor setup. EN v6.25 did that. EN new version does not. I understand there are workarounds; I think the regression in functionality is criticism- and complaint-worthy, given the functionality is proven possible and was previously implemented (and I've relied on it for thousands of clips). And FYI Dave - I'm not "demanding" Evernote give me a job. I made an offer of my services for a price, not a demand. And I clearly made it to make a point, primarily - the frustration expressed in my previous message is clearly not an endearing way to charm H.R. Nonetheless, I made the offer in good faith, if someone from EN wants to take it seriously. I've had 15 years of vetting my UX sense against EN and other major apps, and I've got hundreds of specific notes I could share. Those are both highly valuable assets. But my real hope is simply that a little verbal kick-in-the-pants might get through to someone at Evernote who can make a difference, as I do expect there must be a lot of good designers and developers there, probably hamstrung by bureaucracy and management.
  2. I just upgraded to newest Evernote 10.45.18 from old 6.25 - which I stuck with so long because of Evernote's history of breaking good features and wrecking serviceable UX. Once again, they come through... The old screen capture tool would capture individual full-screen clips in a multi-monitor setup. All I had to do was hotkey and single-click. The new version does not. All three screens get covered by a grey modal, and clicking does nothing. Apparently I can only drag to clip a selected region; tedious when I just want the whole screen, up to the edges. Very poor UX. Evernote - Hire me to work on product UX for the salary of two of your UX designers, and I'll give you the value of ten. In all seriousness, I'd be glad to do the job. Or are you simply not listening to your UX designers? Making changes for the sake of make-work? Completely disoriented? What is going on?
  3. @deborah0302 I am a frontend developer with a passion for UX. I agree with your criticism. I've seen a few of these threads, and I'm tired of seeing people justify Evenote's decisions in a way that minimizes or negates the UI/UX concerns of other users. Instead of invalidating the UX concerns of other users, folks like @PinkElephantcould consider solutions that serve ALL users. This one is rather obvious, as are most of the UX failings (they are failings, and there are many) of Evernote's design decisions over the ~15 years I've been using it. The solution is to PROVIDE THE USER OPTIONS to configure their own interface. It is the most obvious, utilitarian and essential method to allow a broad range of users to get an efficient UX in a complex, multi-functional app. Any app that does not work in this direction is doing UX wrong. Evernote. PROVIDE THE USER OPTIONS and never justify extra clicks or hidden information. This thread provides another strong example of terrible UI/UX decisions by Evernote, and I'm not the only one with the obvious insight to provide users options (in this case, allow users to configure metadata in note headers and views)
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