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  1. I often paste Google doc links in Evernote, and other links (such as to a map or website) also. The experience of trying to use these links inside of Evernote is TERRIBLE, especially on iPhone where there is not sufficient screen space to be able to (for example) navigate a map or a document. I've had several experiences with being lost and unable to use my Evernote links on the road due to this issue, also I'm not happy with the privacy violations that come with this app behaviour. Also, this link strategy is delivering data to Evernote about my browsing, which is being recorded inside of Evernote, and that is an egregious privacy issue. Please open my links in the default browser of my device, NOT inside of the Evernote note. If this is not possible, I still want to copy the link and put it in the browser myself -- NOT open it inside of Evernote.
  2. Hi Evernote, I've used your product since around 2013. Evernote is a note application. I'm deeply annoyed that I have to CHOOSE "note" from a choice of note or task to start a new note. Please default to note and allow user to create a new task some other way. Additionally, there was a feedback button for a long time at the bottom of the left sidebar. I used this many times to submit feedback. However, no one ever responded and none of my submissions were ever implemented. It all went into a black hole. I'm a UX designer. This is shameful. One of my feedbacks was to default set the focus on a new note to TITLE, not note content. I want to title my note before I paste or create content, the same way I want to title a Google document before I write anything in it. By making me go back up to the top to put in a title, you're making my workflow backwards. It is a UX violation to make the user go back up to a previous part of the page to finish accomplishing their goal. I've relied on Evernote daily for a long time. But the UX is declining steeply.
  3. Two Evernote users in my office also request this feature. As developers, we often have a lot of windows open - it would be very helpful to be able to immediately identify the Evernote app by the note bg color. White just blends in with all the other windows, especially for any user who just switched from Mac Notes. Thank you!
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