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undoing in tables doesn't work


if i cut something from a table in evernote and feel like i want to put it back where it was, Ctrl-Z doesn't work, and the data's location is lost unless I remember where it was.

this is a longrunning bug. not sure why this isn't fixed.

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Which Evernote client are you using? Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?

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I sent Evernote two videos to show them this bug in a support ticket. Their response:



...  I believe that the table issues are all related to a greater issue we're having with tables. Hopefully when the major issue with tables is cleared up, all of these problems will disappear. 

I don't have an estimate as to when that will be fixed, but I will let you know if there are any updates.


Prediction: This bug will be around for a while.

Suggestion: Use other software (Microsoft Excel, spreadsheets, OneNote, etc.) if you need to do a lot of work with tables.

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