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Highlight of lines

kuang kao


擷取.PNGCompared with evernote app on android and web page mode, there is annoying difference on "highlight" function.
On app, we can only change the background color instead of word color.
However, on web page, we can only change word color.

It is very inconvenient when we want to edit same note on these two platform, for we want it to be consistent.



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I don't agree.  (And I can feel eyes rolling already..)

Evernote has developed the app from a 'till roll' calculator ribbon record keeper to a multi-OS,  multi-device Swiss Army Knife of a remembrancer.  They're continuing to develop (AFAIK) new features,  though not at the pace that most folks would like,  and with a few side ventures that many people hated.  They're still a new business,  feeling their way in the marketplace,  and they have their own plans for the future.  Nonetheless Evernote welcomes suggestions for new features - but that's all they are,  suggestions.  There aren't many companies out there that will add a fifth wheel to a car just because customers ask. 

Features have to be cost-effective,  benefit more than one user,  and fit in with the ongoing game plan.  Some 'easy' changes take time.  Evernote forinstance is still going through a 2-3 year project to re-write the editor software so that a document will look the same in all clients (user request);  that bullets and indents and numbers will edit reliably (user request) and that text colors and styles should -eventually- be available (user request).  Any more text formatting requests will get added to the pile,  and may be much easier to implement when all devices run the new editor.  Until then there's not going to be much movement on styles.

Evernote get thousands of suggestions.  They've added the 'feature request' threads to this forum so that users can vote on their favorite suggestion (user request).  The one thing you can guarantee - don't make a feature request here,  and your wish for Evernote's green to include more yellow is guaranteed never to happen,  because they'll never know about it.

Post something here,  get viral in the Forums (and 50 votes for your feature request),  and things might end differently..

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I feel sorry for people who bother to write in here with requests actually expecting that they will be given serious consideration.

I have the impression that a lot of people who post requests on here are infrequent visitors to the forum. Anyone who visits this forum daily, as I do, soon realises that this place is simply a warehouse for the storage of requests. God knows how many there are now, covered in spiders webs and the dust of ages, forgotten.

If those who make requests actually visited the forum regularly, there actually wouldn't be any requests here at all as everyone would know what a waste of time it is to ask for improvements.

What a sad state of affairs.

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